Lower back and ribs pain with firm/spring mattress and memory foam mattress
Jul 10, 2017 4:01 AM
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Hi, i have lower back pain and rib pain since i changed my matress

Here is the beginning.

I slept in a spring mattress for about 10 years. Year after year, the area where i used to sleep sink little by little. all around my body.
I never had any back problem, any back pain problem since i was born
until one day, it was sinking too much, and i began to feel very little pain around my lower back.

I buy a firm mattress with many spring. I slept on it for 6 month.
If i sleep on my back, i have horrible lower back pain, with rib pain, and sore lower back and sciatica in right leg

So i slept on my couch for 4 month. My couch can transform into a bed. It has a thin foam matress. It was fine except the hip area because the foam
was to thin there. and later on, i had an another sciatica in left leg

So two weeks ago, i bought a naturalex aura memory foam with medium softness and density.
I still have less intense pain in the lower back when i sleep on the back, but it still hurts and still sore
And when i sleep on the side, it hurts about 85% less much than before.
I dont know why , i dont sink as much as i would expect
My friend had the same memory foam mattress ( 3 years) with firm density, and it sink all over my body when i slept in.
Is my memory foam mattress still too firm for me ?

I ask for help, because it is getting very tiresome.. I took some radio, the generalist doctor didnt find anything odd, neither my physical therapist.
And apart from the ancient mattress, all the other one feel odd about my lower back

My lower back and hips are touching and suppot by the foam , but i Feel my lower spinal is doing a curve in, even if in reality it isnt curving, and is support by the mattress

Thank You

PS: i am 180cm tall and weight 76k, male
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