LOVED my mattress, but unavailable when we needed a King :(
Oct 10, 2011 2:02 PM
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Ok, first off, this forum has been GREAT over the past couple weeks as I've needed guidance in navigating a new mattress purchase. It should be required reading for all potential buyers.

My problems began when my husband talked me into getting a King. We both absolutely loved, loved, loved our Queen, but he convinced me that we'd find the exact same mattress in a King. We purchased our Queen from The Bedroom Store here in St. Louis (Boyd) about 5 years ago. It was called Boyd "Solare", and was a combo latex/foam mattress with a nice plush fluffy pillowtop. It didn't feel like 100% memory foam, it felt "Better" is all I can really say - more substantial, but heavenly softness. Over the past five years we've often commented about how it was our best purchase ever.

Fast forward to our first trip back to The Bedroom Store - before we knew exactly what mattress we had purchased (we threw away the paperwork) we thought we'd know it by feel. I narrowed it down to one of the Sleep Metrics Beds by look alone, but it wasn't nearly as soft. The salesman told us he was almost positive that is what we had based on our description, and it did look like the same thickness plus the 4-6" baffled pillowtop, but there was a softer one not on the floor  - Had to be it. We ordered it, had it delivered & layed down on it and instantly knew that it wasn't.

After an hour or so of going back and forth between the new bed and our old bed (now in our daughters room), we thought...

-maybe our old bed was just really broken in and this is how it felt to start with?

-maybe the King is just firmer than the Queen because of it's make up?

-maybe we'll like it after we've slept on it?

A few days later we decided the answer to all these questions was "no". So, we called our sales guy. He implored us to give it a few nights, but we wanted to know exactly what we had bought 5 years ago. He was nice enough to ask accounting to go back into their records to search out the purchase, and after a few hours he called and said that what we actually bought back then was a bed called "Solare" which they don't make anymore. I've done searches online to see what the exact make-up of that mattress might be, but haven't found it. He said it was a latex/foam combo with 7 different layers and a zoned support system. ok.....

Back a the Bedroom Store yesterday to find a replacement.... we might have overcompensated (but we wanted off that stiff mattress) and went with the iComfort Insight. It was between that and the Prodigy, but we felt like the Insight felt more like our old bed. It didn't hurt that we saved $1400 by switching to that one, but we were at the "money is no object" point, so it was based on comfort.

We'll be getting it Friday, so we'll see - the only thing is, I'd like a nice plush mattress topper, which the iComfort doesn't have. I don't want it for softness (since the mattress is very giving) as much as I want the cozy feel of a "not pulled tight" sleeping on a fluffy cloud feel.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!


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