Latex mattress making me sick, please help!!
Oct 14, 2016 5:12 PM
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My story:

I purchased my first latex mattress a week ago from a local and very reputable factory direct latex mattress store in Phoenix, AZ. I had been wanting a latex mattress for years and have been researching and fully educating myself on all aspects of latex mattress for the past couple months. I tested all kinds of latex mattress in the store before purchase and also went to 2 other competitor stores. I felt comfortable with the Otex certifications of both the blended talalay and the nature talalay. I went with blended talalay with three 3 inch layers in a king size. The company I purchased the mattress from was top notch and I still feel fully confident they are a great and reputable latex mattress company

When the mattress was delivered I decided to help them assemble the mattress and latex layers. A while after they left I felt my head get all messed up (my head felt fogged up and I felt slow in the head, confused, slightly brain dead feeling) the feeling is hard to describe but that’s the best I can do…I’ve never gotten high off sniffing glue but I imagine that’s how it would probably feel. I was trying to just ignore it and chalked it up to the anxiety, stress and physical effort of everything with the mattress. I went about my day and the feel would come and go as I entered my room with the mattress. After two full nights of sleeping on the mattress my head was undeniably all jacked up, basically the symptoms I described previously had increased by 2-3 times.

At this point I called the mattress company and they advised I air out the mattress and try it in a few days or they would come pick it up ASAP if I wanted and give me a full refund. I decided to disassemble the mattress and put it in my garage with a bunch of old bed sheets under it and over it to protect it. I waited a day until my head was back to normal and went out to the garage to smell the latex to see if I would get a reaction. After 2-3 min of putting my head near the latex and smelling it I got that same jacked up head again. My head would stay jacked up for about 2 hours. I did this test about 4-5 more times over the course of 3-4 days. I was in disbelief and a little in denial that I was reacting to the latex. I am still very confident of the safety of latex…with all the safety certifications and washing of proteins, etc. I wanted a latex mattress so bad and was upset this was happening.

I called the mattress company and asked if I could go to their local factory and pick up a couple fresh cut samples to test out. I got a fresh natural Dunlop and natural talalay from Latex International sample. My original latex was talalay blend from Radium. I put both sample pieces in these two huge zip lock baggies and went home. I tested the sample pieces the same as my mattress, I put my face near the latex and breathed for 2-3 minutes. Both latex samples gave the same reaction as my original latex. My head would be jacked the same as before for 2-3 hours.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to give up hope on sleeping on a latex mattress because whats the alternative-- polyfoam and memory foam??.. no thank you! But I have tested multiple pieces of latex by smelling them for only 2-3 minutes and have gotten a undeniable reaction every single time. I literally feel like I’ve been intentionally drugging myself for the past week.
Is there hope that maybe the latex is just super fresh and it will air and be fine? Why did I not react in the store? What is going on? I’ve been trying to convince myself that it’s all in my head but my head gets too jacked up to believe that.

My background – I’m 34 year old very healthy male. No previous chemical sensitivity issues of any kind. I’m not allergic to latex to my knowledge. Previously I was sleeping on innerspring mattress for 10 years. I don’t have any history or allergies, other than seasonal allergies. I’m not on any medication. I don’t have any health issues.

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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