Hotel Mattresses?
Sep 1, 2010 5:50 PM
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Thinking back to your best hotel sleeps. what would you say was the top 5 things for making it your best sleep? i would say for the most part ordinary hotel beds tend to get a bad wrap. what would say the best qualities you enjoy for a good hotel sleep?
Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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Well, first, their heating and ventilation ought to work, and be on the quiet side.  It would help if the hotel / motel would not be so cheapskate that they completely shut off that unit as soon as the room becomes available, lol.   No residual or active bad odors would also help.  A clean room,  good securely fitting substantial door and windows that close and lock properly,  non-threatening neighbors, and a building that looks like it has decent wiring that won't burn down overnight and meets safety codes:  All of those are required, too   I just had to say that for the Big 5 or 6, haha, because I can think of some memorable bad rooms that I encountered back when I traveled for business.

Second, I'd wager that most of the major chains are using a tried and true Bonnell or possibly Lura-Flex spring with some plush padding on top.   If the bed feels rock hard, I'd wager that it's a Bonnell spring with not much foam on it.  But over the past 10 years or so, the typical beds have gotten softer and I think it's due to added foam layers on top of the same traditional innersprings.   Luxury hotels might use some other spring system, perhaps a pocket coil.    I am just guessing, based on my experience.

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Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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I was recently in a smart hotel, very cool, they have a memory foam mattress and smart locks. I am delighted!
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