Hotel Mattresses?
Sep 1, 2010 5:50 PM
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Thinking back to your best hotel sleeps. what would you say was the top 5 things for making it your best sleep? i would say for the most part ordinary hotel beds tend to get a bad wrap. what would say the best qualities you enjoy for a good hotel sleep?
Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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Well, first, their heating and ventilation ought to work, and be on the quiet side.  It would help if the hotel / motel would not be so cheapskate that they completely shut off that unit as soon as the room becomes available, lol.   No residual or active bad odors would also help.  A clean room,  good securely fitting substantial door and windows that close and lock properly,  non-threatening neighbors, and a building that looks like it has decent wiring that won't burn down overnight and meets safety codes:  All of those are required, too   I just had to say that for the Big 5 or 6, haha, because I can think of some memorable bad rooms that I encountered back when I traveled for business.

Second, I'd wager that most of the major chains are using a tried and true Bonnell or possibly Lura-Flex spring with some plush padding on top.   If the bed feels rock hard, I'd wager that it's a Bonnell spring with not much foam on it.  But over the past 10 years or so, the typical beds have gotten softer and I think it's due to added foam layers on top of the same traditional innersprings.   Luxury hotels might use some other spring system, perhaps a pocket coil.    I am just guessing, based on my experience.

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Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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I was recently in a smart hotel, very cool, they have a memory foam mattress and smart locks. I am delighted!
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Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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Personally I just relax while sleeping in hotel. It's like paradise! Truly! The pillow is always big and soft and my back doesn't pain after sleeping.
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I think that 5 things for making it best sleep are Comfortable bedding consists of the basic bed, a pillow, properly laid bed sheet cover, a quilt to give warmth to the body but most importantly a comfortable mattress to prevent you from undesirable effects like backache and swelling.
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Yeah, I have visited many hotels . I impressed a lot by some hotel services, in fact, their mattress and pillows are very comfortable, In my opinion its depend on the hotel, whether its large or small.
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Re: Hotel Mattresses?
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I've rarely been to hotels, but the experience is generally positive. It is important for me to be able to make the room cool and the ventilation works well. Cleanliness is the main thing, if the room is dirty I do not go there.

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