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Feb 18, 2008 11:39 AM
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I am new to this forum and have been through all the trials and tribulations of bed each of you have.  Currently; I am replacing a failed Stearns and Foster under warranty.  I can't get money back but can make another bed choice.  I am sick of coil mattresses for all the reasons I have read on this forum.  I am/was considering either a Tempurpedic or Sleep Number bed.  My concern with Tempurpedic is the heat factor.  Yesterday; I was told by a sales person, who had sold beds for two years, that she had never had anyone say a Tempurpedic was hot.  I wondered if the materials have changed because there are egg crate layers in the beds now vs the first ones.

Does anyone have updated information regarding the heat factor with Tempurpedic?

I would consider the Sleep Number bed but do not like the ones this store carries and I have to purchase there.

Healthy Foundtions is a website I happened on a couple of days ago and am truly impressed with what I have read and their video information.  They are long-time members of the BBB and have never had a complaint filed.  They only sell one bed so don't offer a lot of bells and whistles.  They have a 365 day non-prorated warranty and the customer is only out $75 to ship it back to them.  They will give you a full refund.  I think they are a small family run operation without a lot of overhead.  There are great reviews from customers who love their bed and some who have returned them.  All are positive.

The price point is what is impressive.  They selll at about half the cost of Tempurpedic.  However; if someone wants a Tempurpedic; they make recommendations on which ones to buy.

Of course, my warranty replacement time is limited and I need to decide this week, preferably today.  If I take a Tempurpedic home and do not like it; I will not have a comfort try time because this is under warranty.  Therefore; I would be stuck.  The difference I would pay between the cost of my replacement and the Tempurpedic is quite a lot and I do not want to spend more money and come up empty. 

I am thinking about taking the replacement Stearns and Foster, not opening or using it and selling it as new.  If I could get enough; I would then possibly purchase from Healthy Foundations.

And feedback will be greatly appreciated.  Please accept my apology for this long post and for reading it.

Thank you.


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You might want to search the forum archives and reviews about Tempurpedic (and other Memory Foam beds) and Sleep Number beds. I don't think I've read anything positive about Sleep Number. Memory Foam gets mixed reviews. The biggest complaints seem to be about sinking in too far and that they hold excessive heat.

There are several forum threads about latex beds - as well as several reviews.

For some reason, the Healthy Foundations site comes to the top of a Google search for latex mattresses. I ran into them first too - and have since found much better information and products elsewhere. They sell a very simple standard latex mattress with a very simple cover for significantly more than other places do. Some people feel that really long warranties are somewhat bogus. For a similar price, you can get a much better mattress cover, the ability to customize layers, customize sides of the bed, etc. as well as a resonable return policy. IMO, the Healthy Foundations site is loaded with lots of entertaining ad copy and not a lot of substance.

Some layered latex kit bed manufacturers are,,, Some other places that sell latex mattresses are,, There are a lot of places to compare and contrast. Each of these sites has a lot of information to help you make a decision - regardless of where you eventually make a purchase. Some of these mattresses are reviewed in the review section.

People on this forum have been really happy with FloBeds because they have a really good return policy and the ability to make comfort exchanges. But some people (including me) do not like some of the properties of Talalay latex and prefer the old standard Dunlop latex.

You can get a lot of information about the differences between Dunlop latex and Talalay latex if you do a search for something like Dunlop, Talalay or Dunlop vs. Talalay - both here on the forum and in a Google search. I would say you should do a lot of research from various sources and make the best decision for yourself.
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See my other post on Tempurpedic down in this list here. The short version: Don't buy it, ESPECIALLY if you can't return it if you don't like it , because despite the ad campaign, many people find that they do not give enough back support after a short time. I took mine back after 2 weeks.

If they are giving you a new bed, take it, sell it with the plastic and all still on it and use that money to buy a fully adjustable bed such as offers.

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