Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
Mar 5, 2010 5:02 PM
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I have a question about foundations (i.e. box spring), for latex mattresses.  Right now I am looking at purchasing a new latex mattress and our current bed frame needs a box spring to work correctly.  Right now my options are:

  1. Buy a new platform bed frame and make sure slats are 2 inches or less apart (I might have to buy slats separatly) - Expensive
  2. Use current box springs (not recommended since they are old and also might not breathe well) - Free but may not work effectively
  3. Buy a foundation from the retailer like Flobeds or SleepEz or other - price varies
  4. Buy a foundation somewhere else (does anybody know of a good place to buy foundations?, eg. ikea?)

I've looked at a few places and there is somewhat of a price difference.  I don't think it matters as long as it works.  Even the color of the cloth is not important (I have a bed skirt).

Just wondering your opinons on this:

  1. Can I use an existing box spring?
  2. Why such a large price difference between some retailers for box springs?  Is one better than the other?  Is cheap OK?
  3. How about Euro Slats - is it worth it if I combine with a thinner mattress?
  4. Anybody know where to get a cheap foundation that works?
  5. Anybody have plans to build your own?
  6. Any opinions on the "best" bang for your buck for a foundation?

Probably a weird question but I am trying to gather information on each of the components for my purchase (mattress, mattress cover, and foundation).  I just want to get it right so I don't have to deal with returns but also not buy more than I need.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
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I think some people might like the latex on top of a traditional mattress box spring. Most box springs sold by the S co's these days are basically just wooden boxes, some have some wiring on top to give it a bit of spring, and some are pure wood. You can probably get these at a mattress store for $100-200.

Then there are specialty slatted frames or bases used for latex and etc. There are some ADJUSTABLE slatted frames as well. That is, you can adjust the firmness of the slats. I"ve always wanted to try one of these but they're a little more than just a regular wooden slatted frame or platform.

I think it really depends on you. If you have on real sleeping issues and can sleep on about any semi-comfortable bed then just get the cheapest flat sturdy frame or slatted platform you can get, or build one.

If your old box springs might be worn out you could put some slats over the top of that, I would think... though it might be just as cheap to buy a box spring from a S store.

Those are some ideas...
Re: Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
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I am all for whatever works.  I read somewhere that box springs don't last long, but that do work initially.  I think it also said they give a little too much for latex, which requires a firm surface.  I am going to look at my existing box spring to see if I can make it stiffer or it's a lost cause.  If that doesn't work, I think that I will look at platform beds rather than buying a foundation.


Re: Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
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One of the reasons that I bought my 100% latex mattress from a local company (Gardner Mattress in Mass.) is that I loved their foundation for the mattress.   Its a VERY sturdy foundation with a heavy duty metal and wood frame.   The idea of getting a foundation from one of the online sellers which was merely wood slats in a box did not appeal to me.  HOWEVER, I later found out that I could have purchased just the foundation alone locally.

IF I had it all to do over again, I would buy just the foundation from a local mattress company and order the mattress from Flobeds or FoamSweetFoam have the flexiblity of moving layers around, etc.     Live and learn.    I hope someone else can benefit from my experience.

Re: Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
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I think that's a good way to go too - that way you know what you are getting for a foundation.  Also, shipping costs for foundations are around $150 - $200 at some places, on top of the $400 - $600 price tag.  All in, it's quite a lot of money for a piece of furniture you will never directly sit or lie on.  At sleepez it's really actually quite cheap, yet I am not sure on the quality/strength yet (any commenters out there on this?).  A queen is $245.  In any case, I have an furniture outlet store that carries really nice platform bed.  I may "use" the $500 towards a nice new bed, which cost's probably around $1000 - $1500 (these are showroom samples/returns etc).
Re: Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
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I just purchased a few toppers to make a latex mattress, and I'm using my old S box spring and it seems perfectly fine. I was doing research on this as I wasn't sure what to do, and it seems some foam sites will naturally encourage you to buy their foundation, but I don't think it's necessary.

This is from FoamSweetFoam's website:

Decision #3: Foundation or No Foundation

Our mattresses do not need a foundation for support. If you need to put the mattress on something to achieve a desired height, it can be placed on your old box spring (if it doesn't sag), directly on slats (as long as they are less than 8 inches apart), or directly on plywood such as a Captain's Bed or Platform Bed. We offer a 9" wood foundation, but only want to sell it to you if you need one.

Bottom Line: If you need to raise in height the mattress you purchase from us, you can use anything that will give you support as long as it doesn't sag.

Re: Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
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You could use your current box spring and put something like a decent thickness of pegboard under it.  With this it would be supported and could also breathe.

The company that says anything less than 8" between the slats is wrong. That is way too much spacing for latex and your sleep and mattress would eventually suffer.  What I hear for slats is 3" or less but latex is very different and you can actually feel an irregularity underneath an 8" latex mattress.  So I think the best surface is something smooth, or near smooth.

Re: Foundation Questions for Latex Mattresses
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We have a new king 13" latex (8 pieces) and are using our old simmons foun dation  until we decide what to buy.  I love the latex, but I can tell our old foundation sags.  From other posts, it sounds like we could put some type of board over the old foundation.  But I understand we don't want a solid bottom as the latex needs to breathe.  True?  I read here about putting some pegboard over the foundation.  Would this work and allow enough air circulation to the bottom layer of latex?   And we could also lay slats  horizontally?  Would I feel the slats with the 4 layers of latex?  Thanks for your help.

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