Foam and Latex - The encasement matters a lot !
Nov 25, 2012 10:18 AM
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About a year ago I posted (though i can't find the original post now) confused about how my 33 ILD polyfoam core w/ 2" 24 ILD Latex EcoSleep Madison could feel firmer than my boyfriends 36 ILD foam w/ 1" 33 ILD with terry cover setup from foam by mail. 

Just wanted to post that my mom swapped the 20 year old spring mattress in the guest room where I sleep when I visit with a 36 ILD foam base from foam factory. No latex and nothing else. Just the foam. She got the very stiff striped canvas cover for it. 

This setup was pure torture. No give, no flex, no mercy for pressure points. I felt like I was at war with the bed all night long. 

I had her order the stretchy terry covers and replace the striped canvas ones. 

Oh what a world of difference!!! My next visit home I slept like a baby - through the night every night, never waking, hardly even turning. The foam was forgiving in all the right places and perfectly supportive in all the rest. 

Really it was night and day. Just wanted to bring this up because what all these fancy (or not so fancy) foams are contained in really does deserve some consideration in the sometimes endless quest for bedding perfection. 

As a point of reference - I am 5'4", 110 lbs, with a VERY sensitive lower back and a princess and the pea sensitivity to bedding. 

And BTW - 1.5 years later i am STILL madly in love with my EcoSleep Madison. 


Re: Foam and Latex - The encasement matters a lot !
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Ive heard really good things about memory foam mattresses in regards to support but Ive been getting really mixed signals about the nature of a spring mattress . Some say theyre not great but alot of people view them as the be all and end all?? Is it just a case of trying as many as possible?
Re: Foam and Latex - The encasement matters a lot !
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While watching some videos on how to set up your latex mattress, I couldn't help but notice that most of the mattress are packed in tightly in the case. I'd image packing a mattress really tighly would cause the mattress to compress and feel harder. Also, stretchier cases allow the body the conform to the mattress more than a less stretchy one. Materials and the amount used as padding makes a difference in how the mattress feels as well. Thickly quilted wool in a thick canvas casing would make the mattress feel a bit firmer and less springy than a mattress encased in a thin stretchy case made with just cotton.
Re: Foam and Latex - The encasement matters a lot !
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Latex is considered to be one of the best materials for making mattresses due to its natural softness, breathability, and elasticity. Latex is commonly found in high-cost luxury mats and can be used in both the comfort layer and the support core.
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