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Q - Where is the old forum?
A - Right here:  http://legacy.whatsthebest-mattress.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=wtb-mattress



Q - Where are the mattress reviews from the old site?

A -  The mattress reviews have been moved from the old site to the new site.  You will notice that they are all posted by "admin"  that is a necessary issue with moving them from the old format to this one.  Each new review will have the username of the reviewer listed with it.

Q - How do we earn points?
A - The system gives 15 points for a review and 1 point for a post.

Q - What is the earthly value of "points"?
A - A good feeling in your heart.

Q - My posts are not looking good here, what's wrong?
A - Not sure, but when you quiz us about that please include your browser/OS combination when you send us a PM.  Also, try a different browser.  Very few text editors work well with every OS/browser combination.

Q - When I reply to a thread all of the posts in the thread go away except for the first post. What's up with that?
A - To see all of the posts in the thread you are responding to simply click the "Full Thread" link at the bottom of the reply page.  This is very helpful speed-wise when you are responding to a multi-page thread and can really speed things up.

Q - Where is my confirmation email?
A - The spam filter on your email program got it.  In some cases, with Yahoomail for instance, the email might not even make it that far.  If this is the case send us email at admin whatsthebest-mattress.com and we will manually confirm your account.

Q - How do I insert pictures?

A - How to insert pictures:

1.  Select 'New Topic' or "Reply"
2.  Enter text in the message area you wish to have surround the picture you are planning to add.
3.  Select the 'Insert/Edit Image' icon just left of the smiley face, just above the message area.  A small window pops up.
4.  In this window type the URL of the image you wish to insert.  It should begin with 'http://"  and end with ".gif" or ".jpg".  Where it says alternative text type a quick description of the photo. Click OK.
4b.  If the picture is on your personal hard drive you will need to first upload it to a picture sharing/storage service like Flickr or imageshack.com.  Once the picture is on that site you can simply cut and paste the URL of the image into the small window in step 4. On imageshack, after you've uploaded the picture, use the url next to where it says "Direct": Copy and paste that url where it says "url" in the pop-up window here.


Please read the following guidelines:  

 WhatsTheBest Terms of Service  

Special note to Activists and Evangelists.

When you join the forum it is only a matter of weeks before Admin is bombarded with email and PMs asking us to make you go away. The reasons are many.  They say that you are too opinionated, rude, thread-jacking, obnoxious, inflexible, lying, close-minded, truth-bending and the list goes on.

This would be OK if you were an infrequent poster on the site but the nature of an activist/evangelist is that the job is never done until everyone is converted.

Normal people have an opinion on a subject that they are willing to share rather than a burning desire to change other people's minds at all costs, even the truth.  WTB-M is, and always will be, a community of normal people helping normal people.

WTB-M has come across a number of these people in the past, most are paid for by a company or have personal financial motives though some are true zealots.  Zealot or not, we will continue to ban the accounts of these people in an effort to keep the forum a pleasant place to ask questions and get answers about mattresses.

WhatsTheBest is a community of people helping people make good  
decisions.  Please treat people how you would like to be treated. Foul  
language, personal attacks or behavior that is disruptive to the helpful  
atmosphere of the sites will result in that member being banned from the  
When posting a message or review on WhatsTheBest you are giving a soft  
license to WhatsTheBest or its use.  
Messages/reviews are the opinion of the poster not WhatsTheBest.  
Attempts to organize members in such a way as to influence any person or  
company will be deleted.  
Topics/posts related to the activities of the moderators or administrators  
are not permitted.  Moderators/administrators would be delighted to hear  
your opinions via email.  
None of the content in the reviews/posts may be reproduced without the  
permission of the member who created them.  
Users are responsible for their own messages/reviews and users agree that  
WhatsTheBest will not be held liable for any messages/reviews posts.  
The message board/reviews section are not a forum for advertising/marketing  
your products or services.  WhatsTheBest¹s administrators and moderators  
will be the final word in determining what constitutes advertising.  The  
standard may vary between product groups and with time.  
Note to retailers/manufacturers:  You may display an email address that has  
your business URL listed and/or note the company you work for in your  
profile if you link to the WhatsTheBest-Mattress.com home page of the product in  
question from your company¹s primary home page.  Permission to enter into  
this arrangement will be decided on a case by case by WhatsTheBest 
You agree to not leave signatures, URLs or text that would lead people to  
your site.  WhatsTheBest moderators will tend to error on the side of  
caution and delete posts.  
Creating a username that is an obvious product/domain/service name will be  
removed.  Usernames that are inappropriate (rude/vulgar/etc.) will be  
Self-promotion of any form will be edited out of the forums.  
WTB will not permit links to direct competitors of this site.

You will not count WhatsTheBest or its members liable for any  
posts/reviews on the site.  
Comments from moderators do not reflect the opinions of WhatsTheBest.  
No copyrighted content is permitted to be inserted into posts/reviews.  
Users may use excerpts of less than one paragraph if quoted and sourced  
Users will not post any of the contents of any email message to the  
Users will treat moderators with the respect they deserve at all times.  
You are older than 12 years old.  If you are 12 or younger you will need a  
release form from your parents prior to posting anything to the site.  
(COPPA, 2000)  
We reserve the right to modify/edit any content, including links, that have been placed on  
These terms of service may be modified without notice and are retro active.  
Treat others how you yourself would prefer to be treated.  
If you want dissension, or intense debate, and even personal flames, please find a politics board, or a fantasy sports board or something along those lines.  
This is pretty much a mellow (think "good night's sleep feeling") forum about the best ways to shop for a mattress. A mattress. So, please refrain from being impolite in any way. If you feel someone has attacked you personally, ignore it (that's usually the best bet anyway...) and/or let the moderators know.  
The forum mainly has consumers seeking opinions of others about an industry that has many unanswered questions. Some mattress makers also contribute here, and know they are not to advertise their products in any way. Additionally, some mattress makers have a degree of expertise as a result of their experience in the field. While this input is appreciated, I ask those individuals to be careful in making sure the others to whom you may reply are not left feeling "flamed" as a result of said knowledge. In some cases, there are different sources of contradictory information available to all of us, and in other places we actually have contributing members who work within a specific sub-field of the industry (so they may even know more about some of the nuts & bolts). You never know. It's more important that consumer questions are answered, and less important about "who's right and wrong." So, all, let's maintain the high road, please.  
The moderators have a low threshhold for editing and removing inappropriate posts, so please do not cross the line. Please do not post when your emotions are running high, and please re-read ("preview") your own post before posting if you are unsure if your reply to someone was "over the line."  
(e.g., retailers, resellers, makers)  
Note:  All members, including consumers and mattress industry professionals should be familiar with these standards. The standards have been written and approved by the forum's moderators and administrators.  
This forum welcomes mattress industry affiliated members.  However, please note that we ask ALL mattress affiliated individuals to self-disclose their industry affiliation when they enter the forum, and to periodically remind posters of their affiliation when making a recommendation within a given thread. Discretion and good judgment are key to this standard.  If you feel that your suggestions within a given thread would be construed differently by others as a result of your mattress industry affiliation, then you should qualify/caveat your comments by disclosing your affiliation.    
For example:  "Although I sell mattresses for living, and have a line of latex mattresses in my showroom, I do suggest you try out some innerspring mattresses in your particular situation..."  
The What's the Best Mattress Forum is a forum that caters to consumers who have very few, if any, vehicles for getting peer to peer information about buying a mattress or foundation. Mattress shopping is not easy, and it is difficult for consumers to comparison shop based on brand, model and price. As such, this forum, with its reviews and discussion section, serves as a unique opportunity for individuals to freely share and compare their mattress experiences with each other, also resulting in suggestions and recommendations for individuals with similar sleeping circumstances.  
Mattress professionals have knowledge that can help consumers, but also have a potential to use the forum for a commercial advantage. This potential is not assumed, but also cannot be ignored or refuted. Accordingly, in an effort to ensure that mattress professionals are posting and commenting in an objective and not personally advantageous manner, we ask that all mattress professional adhere to the following guidelines. These are guidelines, not rules, and we ask that professionals, and all members, act in a professional manner. This term should be very self-evident.  Mattress industry professionals should:  
1.  Disclose their affiliation when first posting in the forum.  
2.  Periodically repeat their affiliation if their posts could be construed as being biased by their affiliation.  
3.  Make no attempts to use the forum to sell or generate interest in their products or services.  
4.  Make no attempts to discredit competitors.  
5.  Make no attempts to proactively solicit business via private messaging (PM). Any direct requests by consumers for information about their product lines should be handled off-forum via direct email and/or phone. Mattress industry professionals can respond to PM inquiries made by other members.  
6.  Claims regarding industry trends/statistics should always be documented with links to articles, references, etc., since the remarks of industry professional are easily interpreted by consumers as "expert advice."  
We appreciate everyone adhering to these standards on this forum. We think it will make this an even better place to share and compare objective mattress information.  
Thanks and good luck with your purchase!  
- Admin

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