Divided King Adjustable Base
Nov 15, 2017 6:54 PM
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It appears split kings are the go to for adjustable bases; however we are concerned about the great divide as we typically move around alot through the night.

Is there a drawback to a divided king (with a full king mattress) aside from the obvious you can't adjust each side individually? Main things that I am concerned about is there issues with the bases transferring movement to an excessive amount or will the base allow flexing toward the center causing a 'sag' in the bed?
I've never seen a divided frame in the flesh and am told it's going to be a special order for the platform.
We will be going with a hybrid latex bed in plush format, or possibly a latex foam.
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Re: Divided King Adjustable Base
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latex foam mattress is really good.
I think memory foam is more comfortable.
Re: Divided King Adjustable Base
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Memory foam has great a reputation for isolating motions. If you are worried about the movement transferring issue.You may giva memory foma mattress a shot.
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