Cason Bay Ti Firm Euro Pillowtop
Jan 27, 2013 10:58 PM
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Even if Sears is giving this mattress away trust me you don't want it! 

We have had nothing but backaches and terrible nights sleep for the past year. We actually prefer pulling out the sofa bed which is more comfortable. 

We went to Sears and purchased this mattress after doing allot of comparison shopping. The salesman was good and this mattress cost us over a thousand dollars. The first one was delivered and we had called and explained after only a few days our bodies have created such a cavity in the mattress that it was causing awful back, neck and hip pains! I only way 125 pounds and my husband 170 so we are not big people so why these big indentations. We called asked for a different mattress, they told us there was a delivery fee. We couldn't understand why Sears would charge us for delivering us something only because the first order was Crap! They did pick up the first mattress only to deliver a second mattress that made absolutely no difference! We only had the option to exchange it once, we are stuck with this crap! Our personal opinion is...... this mattress feels like Sears picked it up from another customer and recovered it, this new mattress had a bigger indentation than the 8 year old mattress we exchanged.  Why are there such big body indentations after a few days?

We turn this stupid mattress every week! When that didn't work 6 months later we turned the mattress upside down ( why isn't the Pillowtop on both sides of the mattress like our previous mattress?)  we bought a memory foam and a thick mattress pad, which was a couple more hundred dollars. The mattress is a little more comfortable but personally we would of perferred to of kept our 8 year,old mattress!

We still take turns sleeping on either the couch or the sofa bed. We both are at the chiropractors and/or doctors every few weeks, I think this mattress has messed both of our backs up.

i wish I would of wrote a post a long time ago to prevent this from happening to others. When we read that others like this mattress it has to be the makers writing the post because it is the worst purchase we have Ever made!

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