campbell mattress? Comfortaire?help
Sep 8, 2007 11:24 PM
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I've been reading for several weeks on this forum and epinions trying to figure out what mattress will be best for me.  I have some low back pain and headaches and my current innerspring mattress in 10yrs old and HAS to go.  I'm also going to a King size from a Queen.  (I already have my new bed only no mattress for it!)

  I've tried out the sleep number bed and they seem good ln the store, but they are expensive and don't seem to have the greatest reviews. So I've looked into the Comfortaire beds.  I have found one at Elixa for about $1400 for a king size.  But I'm very nervous about buying something online that I haven't tried.

My husband has vetoed Tempur-pedic and similar due to the heat problems. He gets hot on a normal mattress.

There is a local furniture store that sells Campbell mattresses.  I can't find any reviews or much about them.  Does anyone know anything about them.  They have a isotonic memory foam mattress with a 20yr warrenty for about $2000. but again i'm concerned about the heat issue. Of course the sales lady assured me that THIS mattress didn't have the heat issue.

And it seems like every mattress feels good in the store!!

Any advice would be apprecaited.  I'd love to use my new big bed.

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