Zuzu Latex Mattress
Feb 15, 2016 8:32 AM
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Has anyone heard of Zuzu latex mattresses? I tried a couple at Sleepy's yesterday. One was all foam/latex and the other had a coilspring base and a layer of gel. Nice that I was able to try it since I've read that latex mattresses are tricky to find in showrooms. But then I Googled the name and can't find any mention of it anywhere. The salespeople say the parent company is either Classic or Sleep Options.

I also read on a site that 9.5-inch latex mattresses should be supportive and comfortable for anyone weighing 250 pounds or less. This may be a stupid question, but does that mean that a 9.5-inch mattress meant for two can support two people each weighing 250 pounds or less? The one I tried yesterday is 10.5 inches.

Thanks in advance!
Re: Zuzu Latex Mattress
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Tamariskie.  You might be looking at a mattress that is exclusive to your local Sleepys.  I looked at their website and they don't have that brand listed.  In fact, they don't list any latex mattresses on their web site.  They do have a couple latex pillows and a topper.

Your second question about the net weight capabilities of the mattress.  You should be fine with 2, 250 pounders unless you are both squished together on a single.  With a king or a queen you will be fine.  Also, the thickness of the mattress is less important than the ILD or density of the layers of the mattress.  Do a forum search here for ILD and latex for more information.  Mattdud


Re: Zuzu Latex Mattress
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Tamariskie, someone mentioned Zuzu mattresses to me recently and I've also been struggling to find information on them since then. Would be interested to hear from someone who has bought one.
Re: Zuzu Latex Mattress
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Hi! We just purchased a twin size ZuZu mattress for our 4 1/2 year old. After trying out 5 other mattresses, this was the most comfortable. We bought it at Sleepy's. There's been commercials on tv for ZuZu mattresses as well.
It comes rolled up & takes 4-6 hours to expand to the size you see at the showroom.
Although I do thinks it's very comfortable, as does our daughter, it hangs over the box spring 1/2 inch on each side.
I went back to Sleepy's & the salesman said over time it will shrink down a little.
It bugs me. It doesn't bug my husband or daughter. But in the showroom everything is even (the mattress & box spring).
Good luck!
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When I hear rolled up, vacuum sealed, I think Imported low grade foam mattresses.  They do this to maximize space in cargo containers.  I'm sure Sleepys didn't disclose this fact.  Check out your law label to verify.  I don't believe these mattresses are up to domestic standards (as far as certain chemicals, consistancy, and quality control).  

I was considering a Costco memory foam before I was informed why they were so cheap.  I guess a lot of these beds are from the same factory who slap different names and boxes, then sell to different stores.  Personally I would not want my child sleeping on these.  That's just me though.

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No, i think the pressure is different between 1 and 2 people who sleep on the Mattress.

Pressure relief. Pressure points tend to develop at the hips, shoulders, knees, and ankles, and the severity varies depending on your resting position. Mattresses should distribute pressure away from these areas. This is especially important for medical scenarios, where long-term exposure to pressure points can lead to skin ulceration.

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