What are the types of mattresses and how to pick the right mattress?
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There are many top mattress brands in India that offer a variety of mattresses. Some of the types of mattresses are :

1) Memory Foam Mattress
2) Latex Mattress
3) Cool Gel Foam Mattress
4) Spring Mattress
5) Hybrid Mattress

People generally sleep in three positions:
1) Side Sleeper - Soft mattress may help you as it helps in providing body support.
2) Stomach Sleeper - Firm mattress may help you in proper spine alignment.
3) Back Sleeper - Medium-firm mattress will be recommended to provide full support to the neck, back, and spine.

Tips to pick the right mattress for you.

1) Identify your body needs and what kind of a mattress you are looking for
2) Compare the cons and pros of different types of mattress
3) Check out the reviews of mattresses online - Includes prices, warranty, firmness, quality.
4) Look for the product descriptions and specifications of the mattress instead of the brand.
5) Utilize your budget properly.
Re: What are the types of mattresses and how to pick the right mattress?
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There are many type of mattresses are given below

1) Latex
2) Pocket Coil
3) Zip n' Link
4) Adjustable
5) Flippable

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