Do NOT buy the W Bed -- junk after just 3 years!
Nov 30, 2011 11:29 AM
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Hi all,

I don't usually go on forums to complain about a product or service, but our disappointment with the W bed was enough to get me started.

My wife and I loved the bed at a W Hotel stay and were delighted to see we could buy the mattress online.  It is manufactured by Simmons and was fulfilled by 1800 Mattress.

First off, neither of us believes that this is the same bed as you get in the hotel.  Much softer, quite a letdown, but we decided to give it a try.

After just 2 years, it began sagging noticeably and we began to wake up with backaches.  By the third year the mattress has become a joke -- so soft and saggy that we can't sleep, so I called Simmons for service under their "10 year warranty." Forget about it.  They claim no defect, this is "normal compaction."  They actually ask you to send photos of body indentations!  As if a 3-year old pillowtop mattress is going to show visible indentations!

In other words, the mattress is not defective, it's just a shockingly shoddy product.

Even the cheapest no-name mattress should give you 3 years of acceptable use, and the W Bed is being sold (and priced) as a premium product.  We're outraged at how awful this bed turned out to be in such a short amount of time, and how Simmons simply shrugged at our dissatisfaction.  We will obviously never buy a Simmons product again.

Beware!  This bed is a total ripoff and if you buy one you will be sorry sooner than later.

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W = Worst Waste of $$$
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I am so disappointed with my W Hotel bed.
I spent more on this mattress than any other I've ever bought and after two years it's sagging and has a divot where I sleep. I fell in love with this after sleeping on one at the W Hotel but this is just awful. I'm going to have to dispose of it and go back to a lower-priced but much better quality mattress like I had before the Worst mattress experience. What an absolute Waste of money!!!
Re: Do NOT buy the W Bed -- junk after just 3 years!
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I don&#39;t think it&#39;s the brand of bed. I think it&#39;s the pillowtop causing the problem. After I got mine (gone now, thank god) I read hundreds of reviews and I can&#39;t remember a single person who was still happy with their pillowtop after 2 years. In fact in most cases, they were disgusted after a few months when they ended up sleeping in a crater. The only people posting glowing reviews had had them only&nbsp;a few days to a month or so.
[/quote wrote:
That has been my experience too. I had purchased a pillowtop before and after a few years of use and sagging (I only weigh 160lbs), I promised i would not buy another pillowtop. I believe that the foam used in pillowtops are typically fairly cheap (2lbs or less in density) and are not built to last.
Re: Do NOT buy the W Bed -- junk after just 3 years!
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This is exactly what needs to be done when a company doesn't stand by their product. Get the word out. Well done. A 3 year lifespan for a mattress is a joke. With the amount of use and abuse hotel mattresses take, I would agree with you that they likely don't use the same mattresses in the hotels. Its probably a commercial version designed to be more durable and last longer. Thanks for sharing. Based on your experience I myself will question the business practices of Simmons and their willingness to stand by their products. - Derek

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