Thought I'd narrowed it down to Casper Wave Hybrid or Leesa Legend, but now confused
Dec 24, 2019 6:10 PM
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Our current mattress is about 11 years old, a king, and it has had the indents on each side of the middle and has had them since about 5 months into owning the mattress. In the last year my wife and I have both had back and hip pain after we get up: we need a new mattress.

We want a king, and we thought that some form of memory foam might avoid forming the dreaded indents/rise in the middle of a King. After reading a lot and reviews in some mainstream places (consumer reports, wirecutter, etc,) we narrowed it down to the Casper Wave Hybrid or the Leesa Legend. Lying down on them in a store, we preferred the "feel" of the Casper Hybrid Wave, but I'm also aware lying down for 10 minutes is hardly a predictor of future comfort and durability. But both had good reviews on some mainstream sites.

However, I start reading more "expert" forums like this one, The Mattress Underground, etc. and now I'm more confused than ever! So let me start with the simple question: What can we expect from the Wave Hybrid or Leesa Legend in terms of durability and wear? Is it going to develop the damned indents on each side of the King? MY wife and I are both about 175-180.

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