Therapedic EcoGel Mattress vs Sealy Embody vs Serta Icomfort
Apr 15, 2012 12:21 PM
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Been looking at number of different memory foam mattresses the past couple of days and it came down to 3 mattresses. After reading a number of bad reviews here and other places about the Serta Icomfort revolution we decided to cross that one off our list The other 2 are the Therapedic EcoGel  Blue Heavan or the Sealy Embody Prophecy. There both the same price and have the same feel to us but haven't seen much in reguards to reviews on either of these. We also liked the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme but the price after adding in the taxes the price came to 4k which was about half the Therapedic or the Sealy price. Needless to say the Tempur Pedic was way over our budget. Our mattress we currently have is a Stern and Foster traditional coil spring mattress that 10 years old and needs replacement.We both want to get away from traditional coil spring mattresses and move into the memory foam which seem to have come a long ways since we bought the S+F 10 years ago.

 Any comments on the Sealy Embody or the Therapedic Ecogel mattresses?   

Re: Therapedic EcoGel Mattress vs Sealy Embody vs Serta Icomfort
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Hi...   I have an I-Comfort Prodigy Serta... if I had it to do all over again I would have stuck to my original plan.. buy another coil... I think all the hype over the memory foam beds is just that hype to make you spend an outrageous amt. of money period.  My next beds will be the cheapest ones out there and will throw them away when they get bad.  I have 3000 into the bed I am on now and am very unhappy.  I had a defective latex one prior to it and it was wonderful for 1 year only and then it gave me much pain and developed a  bow across the center.  It was then  I decided to stop all this research and just get the credit and go with whatever bed that amt. covered.. however like most consumers out there, I caved to the pitch on the memory foam.. I must admit it feels wonderful each night when I crawl in, but shortly the memory foam allows your body to sink in and you cannot help but want to crawl up and out of the sink hole to higher ground only to have it do much the same.. I totally regret being sucked in and not going with my gut to get a coil.. Stearns & Foster was what I wanted to begin with and was stired away from it and led to the memory foam becasue they claimed it would be the ticket for me with my back and hip issues.. I just retured from a vacation and stayed with both my son and daughter in guest rooms with coil beds of decent quality.. and there was a big difference in comfort.. don't be a sorry consumer like me.. do your homework and  save your money.. they are not worth the aggravation and sleepless nights.. good luck.. If I can save one person on this site from doing what I did I will feel better about my own dilemma..!!

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