Tempurpedic Mattresses - some observations
Apr 10, 2012 9:03 PM
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I have had a chance to test drive a number of Tempurpedic mattresses.  At first, I thought the Rhapsody was the way to go. Nice firm support, with only an ever so slight and subtle sink.  The floor models looked brand new...


but then I visited a few "high volume" type stores - like the ones that advertise on TV. The Tempurpedic floor models there were obviously heavily used just judging by their appearance.  Then when I went to lay on the Rhapsody, this firm bed wasn't firm at all. It was like soft springy taffy or soft putty. The sink was immediate and pronounced.


My conclusion is that the heavily used floor models in high volume stores are far more like the bed you will actually sleep in (after the break in period) than the new floor models in stores that are not so busy.  I cannot imagine anything but agonizing back pain from sleeping on anything so soft (even though it feels somewhat pleasant when just lounging for a few minutes at the store) - but I like a somewhat firm sleeping service.

Am I missing something?


People do seem to love or hate these things. I can't believe how expensive they are.

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Re: Tempurpedic Mattresses - some observations
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I have zero experience with such foam.  But I feel you should trust your first impressions and move on, especially if they are expensive.  Nothing about Tempurpedic marketing has ever appealed to me.  As I see it, if they had the magic mattress, they would not have to advertise all over the place.


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