Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
Jun 3, 2011 11:22 PM
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i am currently looking for a new bed.  I have slept on a futon for most of my adult life and while that worked while I was in my 20's and 30's, in my 40's, I find myself craving a real bed.  I am interested in a Tempurpedic

I have called a few bed showroom and spoken to many different salespeople.  The Advantage is currently on sale at a reasonable price (for tempurpedic).  The salesperson i spoke with on the phone said that since I lay on my side, the cloud would be better for me.  I haven't slept on either.  My neighbor has a tempurpedic and her mattress seems pretty firm.  I haven't slept on it, though.  I just laid down for a few minutes. 

The Cloud is more expensive, though, and unfortunately, I need to watch my pennies.  Rather than trust salespeople I would rather hear from people with experience.

I'm curious to get feedback from people who have slept on one or another.

I don't have a bad back but I have a recurring neck problem.  I'm about 160 and 5"8'.

Feedback appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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Eliza - I had the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe and did not like it one bit.  I felt it was too soft for me - the only night it felt good was the first night, then I feel it softened up too much.  I ended up returning it for a refund, minus $175 and going with a latex mattress.  I am currently on my second month of a 90 day trial and I am so much happier than I was with the Tempurpedic.  I may just go a little softer with the latex bed.  I know I said the Tempurpedic was too soft but the latex is a different kind of soft.  You do not sink into it - the top is soft, but you have the firm support on the bottom - totally different bed and feel.

If you do buy the Tempurpedic, make sure you have at least a 90 day trial and can return it - not just do a comfort exchange.  They are too expensive to end up being stuck with something you do not like.

Good luck!

Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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If this is your first time with memory foam, just beware that memory foam feel is very different than innerspring or futon.  Like valpar3 mentioned, make sure you understand the return policy.  If you buy direct from Tempurpedic, you can return the mattress but you pay for shipping (I believe $200 for Queen).  If you buy from store, you have to negotiate the return policy with the store.


I have tried both Advantage and Cloud at the store; and Advantage at home.  The Cloud is much softer than Advantage.  The Advantage has the the least amount (thickness) of memory foam. When I first lie down, it can feel firm, but after memory foam conforms to my body, it basically is a soft bed.   The Cloud has more memory foam so it feels softer right off the bat.

I just posted my review on Tempurpedic Advantage bed. http://www.whatsthebest-mattress.com/reviews/tempurpedic/378-0-1.html  Although it is not for me, it doesn't mean others won't like it.  I think those who likes soft beds can find Tempurpedic a great fit.


Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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Hello, I am looking for some insight. Just bought a Cloud Luxe CL) and was trying to decide between that and the Deluxe and even though I like a firmer mattress the CL seems comfortable and my wife liked it so we went with that one. Now after a few days my side and hip are REALLY sore (I'm a side sleeper) and I am pretty unhappy and not bought into the whole "you need to give it time" situation. I would think if the mattress is good for you it would feel good from the beginning. We recently purchased a medium to firm spring mattress for the quest room that was great for me as I tried it for a while. Seems to me like the CL is the wrong mattress but the sales guy says give it time, in fact he said that either the CL or Deluxe would be about the same support for me (6 ft, 210 lbs), do you think this is true? do I have the wrong mattress, do I throw in the towel and go back to a stanard mattress?.....seems strange (and wrong) to need to go through pain first in hopes to be comfortable later. Please provide your thoughts. Thanks.
Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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TML -  I am posting the link to my post regarding my experience with the Cloud Luxe.  I waited and waited to love the mattress and it did not happen for me.  The only night I slept well was the first night, then I ended up with aches I had never had before.  I have since switched to a latex mattress and love it.  Check out the post.




Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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I know that it is not the same for everyone, there has to be to some happy Tempur-pedic owners. Is there somone on here that has had a good experience with this bed?
Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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There are tons of happy Tempurpedic owners but you'll have to search elsewhere probably since it seems the majority of people here have latex beds. Tempurpedic is a really popular bed, heavy advertising, lots of buyers, so there are going to be a proportionate number of negatives but during my research I have seen plenty of happy owners. 
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I'm picking up a Cloud Luxe, I really like the feel of one. My experience is not from this new bed but I owned the original tempurpedic bed for many, many years, bought I think 10-12 years ago when I was in college from Brookstone. I only switched out because I got married. We're going back to a tempurpedic and I will post a review on here.
Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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There are some reviews of various Tempur beds in the review section on this site going back a few years that might be somewhat helpful. Just put "tempur" in the search bar.
Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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I've tried the regular Cloud quite a bit in a store.  It only has 2.8" total of memory foam - 1.2" of ES and 1.6" mem foam underneath that.  All on top of 5.2" base foam.  It's only 8" thick total.  I don't sink into the regular cloud very much, but it feels soft, conforming and is easy on my hips and shoulders.  The Cloud series memory foam bounces back fairly quickly.   I think the Advantage is much more like the original foam and has much slower response.
Re: Tempur-pedic Advantage vs. Cloud
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amandadurcas wrote:

Here is a comparison, hope this would help:

  ... omitted...

I don't think people who read this forum come here to read manufacturer's advertising.  They are looking for personal experience, advice and help.

Do you have some experience to share about these products?

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