Talalay too firm - Lower Back Aches
Oct 29, 2017 10:07 AM
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I recently began my trial period for my Dreamfoam Eurotop. It's a 2lb HD polyfoam with a 3" Talalay. I opted with a number 9 softness which is 19ILD. I've always used pillow top mattress because I like that pillow soft/cloud feel.

I'm a stomach sleep and I'm heavy 300+lbs

The first few nights were difficult - The mattress felt SO firm. Over a few nights it did soften up but I wouldn't consider it to be as soft as I would like. I've woken up a lot of mornings with lower back pain and I'm not sure if I'm sinking into the mattress in that area while the rest of me is up higher.

This is my first try with Latex so from here I'm not really sure what my options are. From what i've read stomach sleepers should sleep on firmer mattress' but I don't sleep on firm well.

I'm not sure if it's the Talalay and I should considered a foam topped mattress or if it's the Poly foam base.

I haven't yet contacted Dreamfoam about the problem, I wanted to research some options to get an idea of what's to come and possibly hear opinions or from anyone who might have experienced a similar situation? Thanks!
Re: Talalay too firm - Lower Back Aches
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You've had a couple more weeks to try the mattress.  Is it still uncomfortable or is it getting better?  Changing from innerspring to latex or memory foam takes some time.  Mattdud

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