Mar 15, 2008 7:51 PM
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My wife and I went looking for a mattress today and found a good deal on a very comfortable bed by Sleeptronic. After seeing some higher prices on Spring Air and Sealy, we wanted to come home and research Sleeptronic. However, I can't seem to find any reviews or consumer information on this bed. The sales person said this brand was in a lot of hotels but I can't find much else on this. Does anyone have information on them?

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garak0410 wrote:
Does anyone have information on them?

Pretty much pointless to ask for information about all mattress models ever produced by Sleeptronic . . especially when those responses may not have any relevance to the configruation you are considering.  How about posting which SPECIFIC model you are considering?
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I am looking about the quality of the brand, period. I can't seem to find any reviews on any of their models. But for reference, we looked at the Sleeptronic Posture Elegance with Memory Foam.
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I know this is a bit late, but if I can help anyone else make a deceision, then great!  We bought the Chiro Conform Sleeptronic about a year ago.  This bed is aweful! When we got it home the first night was okay, but did not feel like the floor model.  I figured that's because it had not been broken in yet, 3-4 weeks is what they suggest.  So we waited, it only got worse.  I contacted the seller, they said that I would have to go through the company.  Fine, so I tried that, lost my gusto and decided to just deal with it once it became apparent that they were not going to fix this situation.  We are finally able to buy a new bed today, we have not had a good night sleep in over a year!  This is not used in any hotel unless there are roaches involved.  Stick with a higher end brand or have a custom built mattress made.  Do not buy this mattress!  The customer service is aweful, the price is very high, and the bed didn't last a week.  Please keep in mind my husband and I are not large people and the manufacturer suggested that the weight of the people affects the mattress life.  Well I hope not because then the average american would not be able to keep this bed for very long.  Save your hard earned money and shop elsewhere. 

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