Single layer or double sprung? Is there really a difference?
Jan 8, 2014 4:04 PM
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We are looking to buy a new mattress and divan set soon, and have been looking mainly at the Vi-spring range - the Regal, Tiara and Sublime in particular. From initial impressions, all three are very comfortable and I would be happy to have any one of them as our mattress for the next 10 to 15 years. The salesperson went to great pains to point out that double sprung mattresses with their dual layer of springs are far superior to the single layer of springs, so he personally would trump for the Tiara or Sublime over the Regal; however I noticed from the specifications that both the double sprung mattresses use a larger diameter coil and less of them per surface area than the Regal so I did start wondering just how much better they really would be.

Considering that Vi-spring only introduced double sprung mattresses in 1990 and until then the Regal was its top model, would a top-of-the-range single layer like the Regal be considered to be inferior to a mid-range double sprung such as the Tiara or Sublime? Obviously there is a 40% markup for double sprung, but would happy to pay the difference if the double layer of springs was really tangibly better over the many years of use.

Any experiences and opinions are very welcome!


Re: Single layer or double sprung? Is there really a difference?
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How did you feel about your salesperson?  Did they sound credible & honest?  Does he have any long time customers that would be willing to share their experience?

Doubt it.  I would avoid expensive gimmick mattresses.  Just more to go wrong with it.  Simple is better.

I would avoid persistent sales people as well.  Is there another store you can look at these models at?

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