Serta 8" vs Bodepedic 10" Memory Foam Mattress?
Nov 17, 2010 2:48 AM
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Hi Everyone,

As I was doing research online, I came across this awesome forum. I just purchased this furniture set from costco and it should arrive a in few weeks.


After some research I narrowed down my choices to



and optional Foam topper (only $75, seems like a steal!)



Currently I am on a full size Sealy Posturepedic spring mattress and after sleeping on my brother's Bodipedic Foam mattress, I feel like it's time to upgrade. What do you guys think?

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Re: Serta 8" vs Bodepedic 10" Memory Foam Mattress?
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Both of these memory foam mattresses have 3 lb memory foam as a comfort layer. Both are made by Sleep Innovations and probably use the lowest grade of Viness memory foam made by a company called Hickory springs (which is a good company but this is a long way from their best foam). Sleep Innovations is the same company that makes the novaform memory foam products you often see at places like Costco. These are all low end memory foams that don't really represent an "upgrade" from any mattress. The Serta has only 2" as well which probably wouldn't be thick enough even if it was a higher density.

Most 3lb memory foam is not really suitable for a mattress (in certain cases it may be useful as a topper) and if you were to go in this direction I would probably just look for the least expensive I could buy and be prepared to buy another one very quickly (possibly months ... maybe longer if you get lucky). You can buy better 3lb memory foam mattresses that are American manufactured or certified for less than this like this one made out of 3lb Aerus (a better memory foam) for $247.56 At the very least though I would look for 4lb and buy it from a place where you can return it if you don't like it after a few weeks or months (like costco, sams club, or walmart etc). Walmart for example has a 12" memory foam mattress which uses 3" of 4lb Aerus which is a far superior memory foam to the ones you are considering and it's not much more at $619 and it's $542.68 at Sams Club.

I would also not consider buying 4" of 3lb memory foam as this also would not be suitable to use on top of any other memory foam. It's almost guaranteed to put your spine out of alignment and cause back issues if you do. The only thing this may be good for would be to put on top of about 6" of some firm higher density polyfoam (not memory foam), buy a 10" mattress cover and use that for your mattress. Even here it would probably be too thick and soft for proper support.

If I was going to buy a 3lb memory foam mattress for some reason from somewhere other than those I have mentioned, I would probably buy one from here They use a 3lb foam which from my research is probably better than most other 3lb foams and is less temperature sensitive so it won't be as likely to get too hard or too squishy with changes in season or room temperature and the support materials are good quality. They are low priced and I believe good value and they also have a very generous 120 day trial with a free return (for the mattress) and I have been impressed with their responsiveness when customers have a problem. Having said that there are some experiences with them on this forum that indicates that they also may not last too long.

I would probably do a little more research before you buy a memory foam bed ... expecially at the very lowest end ... as in this quality range they are a major source of buyer regret if you buy from a place where you can't return it.


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Re: Serta 8" vs Bodepedic 10" Memory Foam Mattress?
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Hi Phoenix,

I'm lucky to have found such an active forum with knowledgable people like yourself. After reading your article on Memory Foam mattresses, I feel a bit uncertain about going this route. I didn't notice that both the Serta and Bodipedic are manufactured by Sleep Innovations. That makes sense now, because both were top rated on Everything is so commericial these days.

The main reason I am changing the mattress is because my gf is complaining that my current mattress is too small as she likes to sprawl out. She is more of a side sleeper whereas I like to sleep on my back. The room temperature does not change drastically here in San Francisco and we are both well under $250 lbs, After spending some time with the search on this forum, I have come to the realization that there are just so many variables to consider, it will definitely take some time.

Your suggestion to buy from a place that has a good return policy is a great idea. I need to visit a few stores to figure out what density would be ideal for us and then go from there.


Thanks for warning me from getting sucked into the "hype"!



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