Sealy Pillowtop too hot!
Sep 20, 2013 9:52 AM
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Last week I bought a Sealy Posturepedic Regal Haze mattress. It was very soft and plush but when I slept on it, I burned up. Apparently the foam layer is trapping my body heat. I quickly returned it and upgraded to a Sealy Posturepedic Coldwater Pillow top that the salesman assured me it would not be hot.


Wrong! Not only is it hot, but it's killing my back because it's sooo soft. Now I'm sruck with this mattress and am trying to sell it online.

It seems like every mattress I see uses foam, which I think is the heat culprit. I just want a nice regular mattress!! What type of mattress will not trap heat?

Re: Sealy Pillowtop too hot!
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Right!  These foams can be hot.  What did you sleep on before? 

Tou might be able to find a local mattress maker that makes them with better components.  

Latex is generally not as hot, so that is better as the comfort foam. 

Firmer tends to be less hot, because you sink in less and are less surrounded by the matress. 

Also a layer of wool can help regulate humidity/moisture which also sleeps cooler. 

If you add a wool filled topper, that can make it a bit cooler and strangely enough a bit firmer (especially if it fits tight).  Or wool filled mattress pad can help as well. 



Re: Sealy Pillowtop too hot!
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Poly foam is going to sleep hot, doesnt matter if it has magic blue food color that is supposed to be cool gel it is going to sleep hot. Latex and wool are you best bets. There is a thing called a chilli-pad that can cool your bed but it is fairly pricey.


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