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Dec 13, 2009 7:08 AM
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Hello, I'm starting a new thread to attract those that use waterbeds and all their wisdom.... the only time i had a waterbed was one with softsides and TUBES, i would love to have this kind of bed, but i found that my backside slid between the tubes of water!! now this was over 20 years ago, and i wonder if they have changed the design of these tubed waterbed so that this doesn't happen anymore? does anybody have experience with this? also, i would like to hear about waveless waterbeds and back pain... how are people finding waterbeds for the pain? i can't seem to sleep on anything for more than 5 hours without having to get up and let the pain go away... would a waterbed help? and REALLY how much of a risk is there of flooding your home?? should i put a drain under my bed? lol thanks! elaine
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Hi Elaine:


I've been in the business of selling waterbeds for almost 45 years. All mattress mfgs are trying to achieve what water does naturally, but none has, a few have come close but with problems. Memory foal gets hot and body impressions do not come right back when turning because of pressure points on your body. Air beds have a different sensation, firm and tight not fluid. A waterbed conforms to the bodies curves and gives even weight distribution so your circulation is not cut off so much less tossing and turning threw the night. You sleep deeper because of this and in turn you need less sleep. If you lay sideways on a waterbed your spine is straight , not so on a dead bed. here are some health benefits of sleeping on water. No other mattress will sleep the same 10 years from now like a waterbed. A water bed will out last a dead bed 3 to 1. And they are fully adjustable.

Waterbeds are bedder!


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