new Dunlop mattress softer than stated
Nov 23, 2015 7:27 AM
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Just received my new Dunlop. Had tried in a store and 3 3" layers of M/F/F was perfect, but ordered online instead. Arrived in that configuration but is not the firm/supportive feel as in store. I turned the top two pieces upside down and switched to F/M/F. When I first went to bed it seemed much firmer/supportive but by morning it had softened to the touch. Experimented and laid on only the two layers of firm ie. 6" and that didn't give enough relief in the shoulders. Wondering about a new 3" talalay to replace the m and then use my firm/firm Dunlop for bottom two layers, and does a 36 ILD sound right? (I did lay on 6" of 36 ILD and liked that). Also where can I purchase just one 3" layer of talalay?
Re: new Dunlop mattress softer than stated
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I actually purchased a 3" 100% natural latex topper online to make sure I like the feel of natural latex before I buy the full mattress. I bought it from almost 3 months ago. It's a very high quality natural latex topper. No odor. I didn't buy the cover because I wanted to lay directly on the latex to see how it feels on my body. I love absolutely love it! It feels amazing on my back. It has a nice pressure relieving effect and it cushions your whole body. Highly recommended. I am now ready to buy the full natural latex mattress.
Re: new Dunlop mattress softer than stated
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JudithR.  What is the return policy?  Mattdud

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