ikea latex (sultan engenes) softer than expected
Nov 22, 2011 2:14 PM
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I'm concerned that my ikea mattress is both too soft and also softer than it was in the store. Please let me know if anybody has a similar experience, or any advice.

After sleeping on a cheap ikea foam mattress for years (sultan flataker I think), I upgraded to the sultan engenes. It's a 7-inch mostly-synthetic mattress rated "firm" which is ikea's medium level of firmness. In the store it was much more comfortable than the "most firm" sultan elsfjord which is only 5.5 inches. It was, however, softer than a pricier 8-inch mostly-natural latex model called the sultan edsele (also rated "firm," the medium level). The models in the store were placed on thin, springy birch slats.

To ensure a firmer feel (and save money), I got the wider, harder pine slates which are much cheaper. When I got the mattress home it felt much softer than in the store. After sleeping on it for a few nights, it still feels a bit too soft. It almost seems to sag a bit in the middle of the two halves of my queen frame, though they are half-covered in pine slats. My original mattress - the flataker - was also rated "firm" but felt anything but. It was hard as a rock. I never had any back problems from it, but I tossed and turned quite a bit. I stopped tossing and turning on the new engenes, but my back is a little sore (though it may be too early to tell).

I have a few questions. (1) How many inches should an average person "sink" into a medium/firm mattress? I sink about an inch and a half, and I weigh 165 pounds. Is this normal for a 7-inch latex mattress? I expected the engenes to be at least as firm as it was in the store, when I put it on harder slats. (2) Should I be able to feel the slats under my mattress? The engenes seems thin and soft enough for me to detect where the slats are, when I sit on the side of the bed. This is unexpected - I thought a latex mattress would be firm enough to prevent this. (3) Given that I can exchange this, should I upgrade to the 85% natural latex version, which felt firmer, and might be closer to my previous mattress?

Thank you for your advice. It seems that upgrading to a much more expensive, better-made mattress doesn't necessarily lead to a better night's rest.

Re: ikea latex (sultan engenes) softer than expected
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And then you suggest washing the cover down occasionally? Windex it or something? Not sure I understand that comment about the waterproof cover. I definitely would be buying a cover myself (for bedbugs), but once that cover is on it should never ever come off the bed. 

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