hastens excelsior mattress
Nov 12, 2011 12:30 PM
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we are in a process of bying matress and narrowed down to hastens matress. A saleperson in a Hastens store suggested to buy H. Excelsior which they stop making about 2 years ago buy according to her matress IS BRAND NEW . Price 11k



therefore we have a few questions

1. Is is possible to have a brand new matress that been in a store for more than 2 years and is discontinued model

2. What is a good price gor this matress

3. how can we be sure that matress is BRAND NEW and sealed in Sweden vs been used and resealed

4. am i better of buying brand new one in a store

5. what is average discount most people are getting when they buy Hastens/ according to a saleperson 10% is MAXIMUM discount

Thanks Alex

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Alex, the excelsior was discontinued about 6 months ago. The retail price when it was available was 19,620 with a BJX luxury topper in a king size. So 11k for a new one sounds like a good deal.


in terms of your other questions - Hastens make mattresses on demand so this mattress must be a demo from a shop or a cancelled order. Either way no big problem. Can ypou be sure it is new - I dont know - have a look at it and check if the topper is new - see it it has compressed - look at the fabric of the box spring and check for scuffs.

the replacement for the excelsior is the Proferia and the king size price for that one with a BJX luxury topper is 24,080 - again 11k on a new one sounds great.

for what its worth i have a king size Excelsior, which is about 14 months old and am about to buy a Relyon.


best regards 



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i think Relyon is only available in UK , how would you compare it with Hastens or Carpe Diem

Can we buy it in US, what is average price for king size

thanks Alex

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you need to do your own research.

They are available in NY from Long's Bedding.

English beds are very different to the Swedish. They overstuff and then compress very firmly, so that the natural stuffing is held under a high tension from the tufts. The swedish beds use less stuffing and rely more on the topper which is not compressed nor held under tension. 

in my experience the english beds are less likey to form body impressions and the maintenance is less than with the Swedish (carpe diem excepted). I dont care for the carpe diem as they are not as natural as the others mentioned with the addition of latex in the topper and memory foam forming a base under the main set of mattress springs.




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Hi pweg
Out of curiosity, why are you about to buy a Relyon when your Excelsior is only 14 months old?
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HI Needtosleep


long story .....  when i bought the Hastens it was a choice between Hastens and Lavital. I bought the Hastens solely on reputation. The first 2 nights were great, but the concept of the topper over mattress doesnt work for me. Because the horse hair in the topper is not held under tension and tufted (like it is in a savoir topper) it compresses very quickly, and despite kneading and rolling and all the other maintenance you are meant to do, you just cant get the same level of top layer softness/suppleness back. Also i turned and rotated the mattress every 3 to 4 days and its just a pain as it is really heavy and unconstructed to flip.


so i bought some relyon beds for my kids and before i gave them to my kids i slept on them and thought they were great. The top layers are very tightly compressed so they give great support while at the same time being soft and pliable. So far there are no body impressions whatsoever and it been a couple of months. This compares with the Hastens where the topper compressed almost immediately - to be fair the Hastens mattress has no impressions on it at all after 14 months. To those who have Hastens no disrespect - I have one too. I currently sleep on the Hastens without the topper.


both beds are great in terms of all natural (no foam, no latex  - all hair, cotton and wool). They breathe great. FWIW  I came from a Tempur bed (5 years)  and a latex bed (7 years) before that. If you want breathability and coolness when u sleep then you need a natural old styled mattress made by hand and filled with hair, cotton and wool.


regards pweg

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