extra or super firm mattresses with an ILD of 61 or 64 or more
Dec 26, 2012 1:55 PM
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Hello all, This is a great forum full of information, tons and tons of information.

We are little over 50 and both having lower back pain due to a hard physical work. My hubby is 270 lbs and I am 160 lbs. We own a 6” firm poly foam core sealed with a 2” memory foam topper currently. It is too soft for both of us, especially after owning it for 2 years now. We wake up stiffed up with lots of back pain. It was a mistake for us to buy a memory foam mattress as my husband and I are used to sleep on an extra firm European style solid polyurethane mattress. The memory foam mattress we bought was the firmest bed available in our local stores. We do not have a custom mattress shop within a reasonable vicinity, but we won’t give up as we are still searching for them.

I spent many hours reading about latex mattresses and the more I read, the more I get frustrated.
We have 3” thick examples  from Savvy Rest of firm and medium Talalay and firm Dunlop latex at home already;
however they all seem to be too soft, especially the Talalay latex.

We are looking for two sided extra/super firm mattresses with an ILD of over 50 if possible. I wasn’t able to find a solid 6” extra/super firm Dunlop latex mattress without perforation holes. Dunlop Latex, Coconut husk core impregnated with latex, Independent TFK spring unit (each spring in its own spanbond pocket) or Fabric Encased Coils, and possibly another non-organic mattresses are our options for now. We would preferably want a Dunlop mattress with a coconut husk to give the latex a breathable core. Maybe something like this: http://www.vegasmattresses.com/en/products/modern/mattress_29.php     or this    http://www.vegasmattresses.com/en/products/standard/mattress_03b.php
Our friend in Europe own these already and are very satisfied with them. The problem for us is to find mattresses like these in here.

Did anyone purchase a Puri Mattress? http://www.palmpringusa.com/mattresses/puri-mattress_twin.html    or this Latex & Pocketed Coil Hybrid? http://www.sleepez.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/27/osCsid/m5s41mmhmehe1nfr952232rtb4

Or maybe some of the extra firm non-organic latex? http://www.foamorder.com/conventional.php?fhd=DcrJEYAgDADAN1QDHoDVMCFEZfAaEh9ave57yyHUdsoF2hN3EGnEHC9YSFnNd4pXO%2FONotJ2YmXN5SXltawF6%2FFXFfTsDMDo7ewsjgRuChlNGqyZOg89dh8%3D#v54

I did contact some companies already and have a list of another to contact. We had no luck finding one so far. It is also hard to make a selection based solely on a web search w/o personal store visits.

Thank you so much in advance and happy Holidays


Re: extra or super firm mattresses with an ILD of 61 or 64 or more
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So I spent more hours researching how to make a very hard mattress base. I can’t find any other choices out there. I checked on many web sites, that Dunlop Latex should be mildew resistant. We could put a rubber mat under the mattress as you isleomaniac. Thank you for the tips.

Where did you get the hard gym mat? I tried to find it on the web w/o success of finding 38x80 inch large solid piece. Does it smell when new? Please, what is the Hard campers pad?


We compared the hardiness of the Hard Dunlop Latex example from the SavvyRest with our green poly foam purchased at the Jo-Ann Fabric. The poly foam is definitely harder than the Hard Dunlop example. My hubby swears this covered green poly foam is the best thing to relieve his back pain (all his lumbar disks are bulged and herniated). The green poly foam mimics the beds in Europe we used to sleep on years back. We decided to make our bed in a similar manner.


So far only PalmSpring company, that uses coconut husk, can sell already made mattress that would be good for us. However, they are expensive for our budget. There is additional $289 shipping to our state involved. The Office Manager is very professional and answered all my questions. They are willing to mix the Latex within their specific mattress models and/or add another layer to it to achieve desired mattress height.

Re: extra or super firm mattresses with an ILD of 61 or 64 or more
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Lets see, gym mat.  The place I used to work had a gym with a weight room, so probably look at a sports store that has weight lifting stuff?  I just experimented with stuff I collected.  The campers pad thickness helped to bring my mattress up to the level I needed as well as being firm but with some give to it.  Probably a store that sells tents and caters to campers like EMS etc?  At one time I searched online for gym mats looking for different thicknesses and hardnesses but did not come up with much. 

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