Which is softer...Brylane Home v. Talatech v. FBM
Dec 1, 2011 6:45 PM
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I am trying to decide on a top comfort level for my new DIY latex mattress.  I'm on a budget and trying to find a soft comfort layer for my med-firm bed. 

Brylane Home 1.5" topper - I called them and got no add'l info, I was told they don't know the maker or ILD, but I know some of you have it and might be able to help.

Talatech 19 ILD 1" (clearance section of SLAB)

FBM 20 ILD 1" (I could also go with the 2")

I'm hopeful someone out there has experience with all 3 and can help me compare them.  


Re: Which is softer...Brylane Home v. Talatech v. FBM
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They all seem to be rated a bit differently, I sent a lot back before I ended up with something usable on my bed. Originally bought as a complete set locally from a company called Land and Sky which i would recommened against. sent the top back since i was "sinking through" when laying on my side, and it sat at their wherehouse for a couple months before i got a "Medium" piece back which was too hard, then my search started.


ended up with 2 other pieces on top of the "firm" foam box spring, One from some place in utah on the bottom that was rated ILD 20 that was not soft enough, and a 3 Inch 19 ILD from sleeplikeabear that was what i was looking for - soft. I tried a 1" 14 ILD on top from SLAB and that was too soft, for me 19 ILD 3" on top was right.

sleeplikeabear were helpful, I think mine is the 19 ILD talatech, will have to check and make sure.

ratings were almost the same, but completely different. (19 and 20 ILD)

still an analytical sleep but feels right. always wanted something more cozy I guess.

Wool toppers were too hard for me, at least the ones I tried.

buying online is tough.

My sister is looking now, and not sure where to send her really. The Carpe Diem beds were nice but 8K is a tad more then most will spend.



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