Where to get Latex Topper?
Mar 3, 2018 8:36 AM
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Need to replace a latex topper I bought off Overstock that turned brittle and crumbly in maybe 5 years. So much for 30 years! <br><br>Where are forum members buying from these days? (Was a member here years ago, but lost the account.)
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Re: Where to get Latex Topper?
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You may be able to find better deals.  I have not researched others lately, but here are a couple:



https://www.foamorder.com/toppers/latex-mattress-topper.html  If you don't see the choice you want on the website (100% cotton cover) just speak to them on the phone.  I like the feel of eggshell or convoluted.




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Re: Where to get Latex Topper?
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Foambymail.com sells cheap toppers and free shipping over $75.
After a lot of testing I'd recommend 2" 5lb memory foam topper though.

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