What is the closest latex bed to a Flobed product, something I could
Jun 1, 2010 8:08 PM
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see in person.  In other words, a bed I might find at Macy's or Mattress Firm, etc.  I am interested in a plush, cushion firm sort of comfort level and something under $4,000.  I see the S Co's all make a latex product but wasn't sure about their specs and whether they use the LI product I see mentioned on here.
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Re: What is the closest latex bed to a Flobed product, something I could
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Just found this thread and have recently gone through the shopping experience.

Purchased a Sweda Renu mattress mentioned in this thread a couple times.  Have had it a month and so far we feel we made a good decision.  These mattresses come in 3 firmness levels.  Each is approx 1/2 Talilay process laytex with foundation of polyurethane.  Only one company in the USA that produces Talilay laytex.  The model we purchased has 3 layers of different density laytex.  No padding between you and the laytex.  Comes with a nice zip-on cover with top being made of Bambo fabric, very soft.  We bought the Renu 5 model, their softest but no way overly soft, good support.  We're seniors and this fits our needs very well.

I would have no hesitation recommending to anyone looking at a laytex mattress to give this brand, model, consideration.  Oh, the Sweda brand is one of the family of brands by Lady Americana.

While shopping took a look at an Englander "laytex" mattress.  Saw a cross-section of this mattress. Was over a foot thick and only saw 1-2 inches of laytex sandwiched  in the middle.  Rest of the mattress was of a cheaper foam and in the cut-away the foam looked to be laid in a fairly sloppy way.  Was on "sale" and sale price was several hundred dollars more than the Sweda we purchased.

Re: What is the closest latex bed to a Flobed product, something I could
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The Sweda latex bed was one I tried when I was first shopping for a latex bed and trying to find something in a showroom that would approximate the feel of a latex bed from Flobeds/Sleepez/etc.

I can't say that it felt exactly like the Flobed did, but it was very comfortable to try, although too soft for my sore back and weight.  What I learned from trying the Sweda was that I liked the feel of latex.  Except for the fact that it has a layer of PU foam in it, it seems like a reasonable bed.

I was also able to find a Land and Sky bed locally, and learned from that bed that I did not like Dunlop latex.

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