Tempurpedic "Cloud" Mattress???
Dec 30, 2009 10:22 PM
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Has anyone tested the new Tempurpedic Cloud series yet?  It looks like a slightly softer version of the Deluxe series, which is the one we were originally favoring.  The reasons we're leaning towards a memory foam mattress are:

1.  Our last two pillow top mattresses have been busts, as I have a bad back and constantly wake up in pain.

2.  Because I wake up in pain, I am constantly tossing and turning, which in turn wakes my wife up.

3.  90 day trial period is a great way to hedge your investment

Re: Tempurpedic "Cloud" Mattress???
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If an adjustable base is really the "secret" then the Tempur-pedic adjustable base is a really expensive way to go. The Reverie (which they use) is available for much less (over $700 less in a queen from their website prices) at other outlets. Other brands with similar functions could save you even more.


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Re: Tempurpedic "Cloud" Mattress???
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I have the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe - almost 3 weeeks now -  and I can't say that I love it.  I don't know if it is too soft for me - feels good initially - but I wake up with low back and hip pain.  I had the same pain on a 15 year old inner spring mattress but I think it is worse on the Cloud.  I was hoping to find a mattress to alleviate it, not aggravate it!  I have a 90 day trial period so I hope it "breaks in" for me.  Otherwise, it is going back.
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- how did this post get bumped to top of heap if last post was in March? -

To the OP and poster above, Cloud Luxe is a very plush, soft mattress.  The ones I tried at Sleep Train remind an awful lot of my iComfort Revolution - Lay there and can feel how much the mattress goes down under your butt.  Not necessarily the mattresses fault, just not right mattress for you, wasn't for me.  It led to spine misalignment which came out as stiffness in my neck.  I'd wake up, turn my head, hear scraping and tissues kinda popping in there.  4 weeks and got a replacement, had to.


I've been on the regular Cloud for almost 4 weeks now and my neck is fine.  Impressive mattress it is.  Very few mattresses I can just lay on my right side due to bad shoulder, but I can on this Cloud.  Doesn't sleep hot.  If I enter closed room, can smell a little odor. but in the room, can't smell anything.  It is going away though.  It takes more than a few days to go away as Tempurpedic says.  All told, impressive mattress, especially for those with a tender hip or shoulder.

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Re: Tempurpedic "Cloud" Mattress???
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Can't go wrong with one from BedInAbox, got my Pacdown last week and love it!
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Re: Tempurpedic "Cloud" Mattress???
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Cloud has been discontinued, but I might as well comment anyway.  It's being replace  by a similar model, I understand.


I bought this matress back in June 2012 becuause my old pillowtop shook so much when my wife moved.  It kept waking me.  We went to the store and the Cloud was the cheapest of the models that felt really good.  It absorbs the movement, too.


We didn't do the bed-walking.  For me, the matress was perfect as is.  It was super comfy for a long time.  Recently (about eight months later), I noticed it was a little softer on my side of the bed where my torso goes, less so where my wife (who weighs less--I am 155, she is 125) lies.  I was alarmed at first, but I don't think it's sag, just softening.  I rotated the mattress, which annoyed my wife because she liked it broken in and experienced it like-new hard a couple of nights.  Then I flipped it back and realized I didn't mind the slightly softer mattress.


If it doesn't get softer, then this will be fine for the next 20 years. :)  If it does, well, I can always flip the mattress around and double the life span.


It's very very comfortable, and I sleep much better now.


I got the adjustable base, by the way, and sleep with head slightly elevated.  It's cool.

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