Soliciting feedback on Vi-Spring and Hypnos
Aug 23, 2010 3:11 PM
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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and have been digging into the archives on my research for my next mattress.  Both my fiance and I prefer the feel of spring mattress over latex and that's what we are considering at the moment.

So far, I have learned from here is to avoid the plush/pillow tops as they tend to break down over a relatively short time.  Also, the 3 "S" brands were not what they used to be.  I have also get to learned about lesser known brands like Vi-Spring and Hypnos.  These brands seem to be mythical and have no review at all anywhere.  Are there any owners here who would like to share their thoughts?

Re: Soliciting feedback on Vi-Spring and Hypnos
Reply #23 Oct 29, 2010 3:36 PM
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I have owned a Hypnos Eminence for quite some time and love it ! It is the best bed I slept on, and before I purchased this bed 

I did extensive research on others ( hastens, Vi spring, natura, green sleep ) 


This is a well made product and has Royal warrants from the Queen to prove it ! 


we love ours !

Re: Soliciting feedback on Vi-Spring and Hypnos
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I bought a Vispring Masterpiece bed in 2006 and I have to say it is the best bed I have ever slept on. It envelopes your body and provides you with the most comfortable sleep you'll ever have. And this is coming from a woman who has 2 different forms of severe degenerative scoliosis as well as a large piece of my L4 vertibrae missing from an accident.

It is quite simply worth the money and if I ever choose to purchase another bed it will be another Masterpiece.
Re: Soliciting feedback on Vi-Spring and Hypnos
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I wonder if they are made the same way today.

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