Sams Club 100% natural latex mattress???
Feb 23, 2010 11:21 PM
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Hello all, first post here but I've learned very much from researching here! Was wondering if anyone has any info/thoughts regarding this mattress. It seems like a good price and besides not being able to change layers out, it is exactly what I'm looking for. The cotton cover is removable but not the wool covering. The latex is made by latexco and is Dunlop according to the guy I spoke with at specialty sleep services. It also comes non rolled up when white glove delivered which I think is a plus. Also made in USA. Considering Sams excellent return policy it seems worth a shot. The naturally contouring and long-lasting resilience of 100% Natural Latex has been combined with the soothing comfort of 100% Organic Cotton and the all season warming & cooling characteristics of 100% Organic Wool to create a heavenly sleep environment like no other. The American Sleep Collection Organic Mattress features a full 9” core of 100% Natural Latex. A 1” Layer of Ultra-Plush (18 ILD) 100% Natural Latex conforms to your body while a 2” Medium-Firm (24 ILD) Cushioning Layer and 6” Ultra-Form 5-Zone (28-32 ILD) Posture Support Layer comprise the High Resilience 100% Natural Latex Progressive Support Substrate Layers for outstanding comfort. Surrounded by a temperature neutral comfort layer of 100% Organic Wool, that naturally wicks away moisture, The American Sleep Collection Organic Mattress is completely covered with 100% Organic Cotton. Foundation optional. The comfort of Cotton is well known and loved. Organic Cotton is cotton that is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified which makes for a healthier sleep environment. And as Cotton is the only fiber that becomes stronger when wet, it's the preferred choice in hospitals, since it can endure high temperatures and be sterilized. For people concerned with environmental issues, Cotton makes a lot of sense as it is a biodegradable and a renewable resource. Organic Wool is extremely long lasting. It can bend thousands of times without losing form and can evaporate moisture in either a warming or cooling manner allowing it to maintain warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.
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Re: Sams Club 100% natural latex mattress???
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Sorry late to the game in 2013, but did anyone actually purchase the Sam's mattress (American Sleep organic) or the innomax white night?   I have been walking down the exact path and looking at this one and talking to innomax.  Sam's liberal return policy seems to be a plus as well given buying on line and unable to try before you buy in a showroom.  

I like the organic and natural characteristics.  We have been looking at savvy rest and like the comfort of the Dunlop layers. We are on the firmer end of the sleep spectrum.   Innomax themselves do not have a "comfort" return policy.  No ability to return if you don't like the feel.  


I would really like feedback from someone who has purchased.  

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