The "S" brands?
Jan 13, 2012 12:17 PM
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 I'm up to my ears in research and found this site.

I keep seeing reference that is almost a warning to the 'S' brands = I know this means the big name brands and I have studied them and all others to a faretheewell.

We had a Simmons BeautyRest for many years, it is on it's second life at our son's house and he still loves it.   From the BeautyRest we went to a memory foam based on medical advice, even though it stunk like mad for a few weeks we slept pain free and it was great for two and half years before something happened and it started being really hot and making me sick. We pulled a Serta from the guest room and are making do,  we had immediate relief from whatever the memory foam was doing to us, it was astounding, but the springs are beating me up nightly despite a topper and I can't stand the motion transfer.  

We had a Sealy Posturpedic for a daybed, not the best choice.   

I've considered latex, but have MCS and am really wary of the smell. I sleep on wool pillows and wool fleece topper, but know that a wool mattress is going to be too firm for me.   I get dizzy with all the information and don't see any way I can not try out a new mattress.   I'm fortunate to have many locations nearby to find organic mattresses and all those big brands - but it's exhausting and I'm shortening my shopping list. (The tips are fabulous here).  

Bottom line of this post is basically, "what is so terrible about the 'S' brands?"  Aside from mass production and corporate retailers....

I have found a local company who will make a latex bed and if we don't like it they will change the core - but if that's not good it's too bad.  They will make me an innerspring with a good layer or natural material, but not coil springs which means motion transfer.  I found another where I tried various combinations of latex or wool mattresses with toppers, this is why I think the wool may be too firm.  The majority of natural mattress companies do not have guarantees for satisfaction and at 2 to 3 thousand dollars that's a bit scairy.   My research shows that Stearns & Foster as well as Simmons make a line that sort of crosses over the natural and the coils  thinking and they have total satisfaction guarantee.

I'm a curvy gal at 5'2" 130lbs and have many health issues (arthritis and fibromyalgia for starters) - hubby is six foot 155 and not nearly as picky as I am, but this old Serta is messing up his back also.   Help!?!

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DaveStro - - we didn't go with Englander because frankly the retailer really ticked me off.  

In the end I didn't care what brands they carried, how good the reputation was, or pricepoint - and hubby really didn't want a Dunlop core because is tends to smell rubbery.  The retailer carried OMI and Natura - again good brands, but as a consumer I tend to be choosy about the people involved.  For a two hour trip I wanted some answers ahead, they dodged me on all counts other than the standard sales pitch.


So we went with Soaring Heart, local company who made us a lovely mattress, foundation and topper  - - we are sleeping now and getting rest,

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I selected a Stearns and Foster 'Heathstone' plush mattress from Sears last June and gave it a couple weeks before knowing I didn't want to spend the next 8+ years on it.  I have a damaged right shoulder.  Tore the joint up years ago doing a bench press not warmed up and frankly wish I had never messed around with any barbell weights.  I'm not on sports teams.  8 years later, finally found a specialist in San Francisco, a pioneer in shoulder surgery who did an acromioplasty to make room for the impinged rotator cuff.  It helped but will always hurt a bit every day.


So, I don't get to sleep on my right shoulder in any bed out there.  The Stearns and Foster didn't allow it.  It felt pretty plush in the store, but the reality was the construction was cheap batting in the quilt and underneath, likely cheap foams with fancy trademarked names.  The plush feel firmed up noticeably in a few days to a week, then it took on a run-of-the-mill feel.  Good support from springs, mediocre comfort.

I'll skip talking abouty the Serta iComfort because I went a little too soft from the get go and had to ditch that one.

But, after 5 months, this Tempurpedic Cloud is a keeper.  I'd be surprised if the feel changed within the next 10 years.  I had a Tempurpedic Symphony pillow for at least 3 years, and it felt exactly the same as day one.  I've since switched to a TP Comfort pillow.

Yes, I would be concerned about any subtle effects of off-gassing, and yes, the Tempurpedic had a slight odor that lasted not for weeks, but months.  Noticeable when walking into room with closed door.  I don't notice the odor much now and of course hope there's never an affect, but I suppose there's always some affect from anything that smells.

Another time I might try the all natural, no returns route, but still, I'm happy with this Cloud base model because the support is really good and the comfort it exceptional!

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