Question About King Size Mattress
May 14, 2016 9:31 PM
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We recently purchased a Saatva Queen Mattress for our spare room. We have a King Serta Mattress in our Master Bedroom. It is only 1 year old and it has developed a ridge in the center. Prior to this we had a Kingsdown Mattress that lasted 22 Years before giving up the ghost. It never developed a ridge. As a test we have been sleeping on the Queen from Saatva for the last week and are extremely satisfied. My question is if we purchase a Saatva King Mattress how will it wear with respect to the ridge in the center? Will it be more like the Kingsdown or the Serta? We are a bit scared to make the move to changing our King size Mattress. Any experiences anyone has had with this would be a great help.
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I had a similar issue with my Saatva mattress. After 3 months, it developed a deep depression. It had no support at all. In my opinion, it is not well made and there are better mattresses out there for the money.
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In my view king size mattress are the best mattresses, which are topped with a layer of temperature and sensitive material. They can be expensive, but it has some fantastic memory foam mattresses. In other words we can say that it helps to relieve the body pain.
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Re: Question About King Size Mattress
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If you are worried about the uneven surface of a mattress, you had better try a latex or memory foam one. The lifespan of a mattress has much to do with its density.

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