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Oct 30, 2010 9:54 PM
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Hello all, so my wife and I am about to pull the trigger on the Nutrition model with a 2 inch pillow top from Sleepy’s.  I know some forum members were looking to purchase a Pure Latex Bliss and wanted to know what the purchase experience was like.  How did the negotiations go, delivery and how satisfied you are with the final product. 

Thanks all.

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I just test drove the PLB mattresses today.  I tried a 8" firm (Pamper) with and without a 2" topper as well as a 10" medium firmness (Nature).  The 8" with the topper felt very nice.  It had lots of support with a nice cushion layer on top.  I liked the feel for sleeping on my side.  Now I know what all the fuss is about the soft toppers for comfort!  The 8" firm + 2 soft topper had more cushiony feel than the 10" medium.

They had other beds at the store and since I was there, I tried them.  Here are my impressions since they are not the standard latex type mattress.

Magniflex, earth friendly memory foam from Italy.  I sunk into it some.  Not as much as with a Tempur, but more than latex.  Oddly enough, I did not like the feel of it, but I remember likeing the sleeping in sand feeling of the Tempur.

I tried a latex bed that had like 2" wool on top of the latex.  The wool was not a separate topper, but was part of the mattress.  It did not feel like a latex bed at all!  It was very hard and the wool did not compress.  For those of you who think that manufacturers are being "cheap" by putting in a small amount of wool in the cover, think again!  I think it was a Natura brand bed.

Last I tried a NexGel mattress which I think was some base foam, latex and then this Orthogel.  It felt OK, but slightly different than the latex.  Not as much cushion.  Very unique.

I was the only customer in the store and the salesman was very helpful.  I think you should be able to find something you find comfortable with the different levels of firmess in the mattress and optional toppers.

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sjeanine wrote:


Hi!  I bought a bed from SleepEZ because of all the great reviews here but was also disappointed with my purchase once it arrived and ended up sending it back after only two days.  I know some say you should give it time but it was such a bad experience right from the git go for us (my dh and me).  The day it came we noticed the mattress had some dark moldy looking stuff on it and my dh called to ask about it.  We were told it was common to get that when they are pressing the latex down or something to that nature.  Then while we were laying the pieces out, the dust was so bad that it kicked me and my sons asthma in and we had to leave the room so my husband could try and get it all together.  He was not happy about this at all but, was a good sport and was willing to give it a try.  The frame was a bit weak so he had to add boards but still....we felt that we got a pretty good deal and if it turned out to be comfortable to my aching body, then it would all be worth it.  Unfortunately, I woke up all night long with my back hurting and could hardly get out of bed the next day.  I never really had any back trouble before...just joint issues cuz of my arthritis.  We tried a second night and I needed help getting out of bed the next day and my husband was also experiencing bad back pain so he said it had to go.  He called Sleep EZ and was told to send it back to them and that we'd receive a full refund so...that part was very nice but still...not sure why everyone else's bed was so great and it was so awful for us!!  I guess one size....or in this case, bed.....lol....just doesnt fit all.....

We were back to square one and trying to decide what to do now....We went over a list we had and then decided to go back to a local store that carried some latex beds.  The manager was the nicest guy and even tho the store was about to close, he stayed open another hour and a half to let us look and talk.  He never once mentioned how late it was getting or put any pressure on us about buying...just answered all our questions and pointed out suggestions.  In the end we left but went back the next day and purchased a bed.  It is a talalay latex bed with individually wrapped springs under the latex....for added support.  We absolutely love it and I have had no pain at all so far.  You just have to go with what works for you!  I'm glad you love your bed too and I'm glad the search if finally over for hopefully another 10-20 years!  ; )


That sounds like a very bad experience with SleepEZ and as an allergy/asthma sufferer I don't blame you in the least for returning it if it really had that much dust on it. Sounds like they had the layers laying around in the warehouse or something, to gather so much dust. Hmmm.

I am very curious as to what mattress you bought that has Talalay over pocket coils. I am guessing it's a Simmons. If so I know that all the Simmons mattresses have PU foam mixed in with the (synthetic) Talalay and usually only an inch or two - at most - of Talalay. Please do me a favor and let me know what mattress you bought, not just the name such as "Rosalie" or "Elicott" but the brand and model such as Simmons World Class or Anniversary or Elite, or Stearns and Foster Estate, as well as the "name" and if you would, please give the info on the tag which states how much latex and how much PU foam is in it, usually given in percentages. If you know the coil count or coil density and what store you bought it in, that would be nice to know as well! All the above info would be very helpful! Thanks!

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I wish there where more reviews on the PLB, I did as much research as I could and after a month of thinking, I bought the 11' Nutrition from PBL with no topper. Everytime I laid in these mattresses at the store I felt like I was in heaven, I do have neck problems and Fibromyaglia so I wanted to get the best  that I could be it coil, Latex, foam. I really hope that I made the best choice!


Please any one with a PLB keep posting your experiances so others can have more info. Delivery is Wend 06/15/11, cant wait!

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Well when you get yours, post pics and give your review.
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I posted this on a different thread, but thought I'd put it here as well.  My family has some experience with these mattresses that I thought I'd share.  Our story is a little convoluted, put positive.  I should start by saying that the local mattress store we dealt with does not carry the Nutrition (they have the Pamper, Nature, and Beautiful) so I have never tried the Nutrition.  I'm a soft mattress kind of gal so I immediately fell in love with the Beautiful but was worried about $$$ so I bought the Nature.  My gut feeling was it was too firm in the store but was trying to fall in love with it and opted to get it anyway.  Sure enough, I was right, it was way too firm (for me) and I was not sleeping well.  I'm a side and back sleeper and my shoulders would ache when I was on my side, and they would continue to ache throughout the day.  I gave the Nature a few weeks but it just wasn't working out for me.  I was struggling with what to do......a comfort exchange, get a topper, etc.  My Mom had been with me throughout this whole process and although she wasn't mattress shopping for herself she was starting to rethink her situation and the mattress she had.  She is a firm mattress kind of gal and really liked the Nature.  She came to my house one day and took a nap on the Nature so she could try it out.  She immediately fell in love, so what we ended up doing was she took the Nature and I bought the Beautiful.  The store had the delivery guys make the swap and we both got what we wanted.  I'm still nervous about the extra $$$ I had to spend to get the Beautiful but it was worth it, for both of us.  This all happened just a few months ago.  My Mom loves hers, as is, and wouldn't change it for anything.  She tells the whole neighborhood how great her new bed is and how she's sleeping like a baby!  I'm a little harder to please and have been tossing around the idea of a topper (I know, more $$$).  Honestly, it's not a need, but a want, and I don't even know if I'll get it.  My last bed was a pillow top so I like that feeling and it would just give a currently wonderful mattress that oh-la-la feeling.  Hope this helps.
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@needtosleep636, I will do thatjust wanted to hear from others!


I am very sad to report that my mattress delivery went bad last Thursday, there was no way to get thefoundation up to my bedroom they took evey thing back and ordered a custom 2 split foundation. Until next Thursday...

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Pure Latex Bliss is advertised as the best thing in the world but this is very far from reality. I brought the 10" Pure Latex Bliss mattress and topper at Sleepys. While at the showroom, I thought that the mattress was a bit firm but decided to purchase it anyway since it had great reviews(which I now know are definitely fake!). The first night of sleeping on this mattress left my wife and I with terrible lower back pains. We thought that it might take some time to get used to but the pain just kept getting worse as the days passed. In total I kept the mattress for about 10 days before doing a comfort exchange(which costs $250 plus about $90 delivery fee by the way!). Latex, unlike memory foam, is a very firm material that immediately bounces right back up once the pressure is removed. The comfort exchange I did was for a myside series 6(level green) mattress. To add insult to injury the myside matress is also terrible! In short, I think Pure Latex Bliss, Tampurpedic, Myside, etc. are all SCAMS!!!!!! You should go back to either getting a basic $400 bed at the local furniture store or spending no more than $1,000 on a good bed. In total, I spent over $3,000 and didn't even get a good bed out of it.

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