Aug 24, 2011 7:29 PM
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has anyone heard of Pranasleep..

We have a city mattress outlet, where they are selling these mattress at 50% off because they made it to a customers house, were brought back to the warehouse, cleaned and sanitized.

The one we layed on was about $6K but could get for 3. 

Went into the store to check out the TP Cloud supreme, but my wife really liked this.

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We have been sleeping on pranasleep and love it.  I believe the only place these are sold is at City Mattress.  If you are buying from them, they are trustworthy and sounds like you can get a good deal.   Good luck and good sleeping!
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This is the WORST mattress. I had the top of the line Wahe Guru, which I 1st purchased 8 years ago. The mattress lasts about 3 months before the comfort layer starts to break down and you feel like you're hitting lead.  The mattress was replaced twice through the years but they will only let you replace with another Prana because it's City Mattress's own brand. The cover on the newer versions was designed so it's almost impossible to get a 1 1/2" depression measurement even if there's a 4" hole underneath it so they wouldn't replace the 3rd one because according to the "string measurement" they said my depression was only 1 1/4"! I felt like I had to keep the mattress because I spent so much money on it but after 2 years of pain and a totally destroyed back, I FINALLY dumped it and couldn't be happier - it's a HUGE weight off my back... literally!! DO NOT purchase this mattress, you will be so sorry... it's a nightmare!
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My experience with Prana has actually been quite different. I have the 4th generation Prana Super Vinyasa and I love it! I had back problems over the years and since sleeping on this mattress, they have gone away completely. It has also been some of the best sleep I have ever had! My experience has been great and I will defintiely be putting Prana mattresses in all of the bedrooms in the house.

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