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Apr 26, 2011 8:24 AM
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Alright.  I've been procrastinating for about three years and was on mattress overload after researching Latex, Box spring and NASA space age best stuff in the world foam beds.  Should I get this or that.  Well that guys says this and this woman said that.  It was giving me headaches reading all the endless possibilities and thinking, "will we be happy with the next bed?"

We pulled the trigger on a new Prana Vinyasa (4th Gen) Plush.  Purchased at City Mattress in Florida. I was torn as my wife preferred the firm, though admitted she didn't care what we had as long as she could sleep.  Last minute decision was the plush.  The reason.  I dont' care what she thinks.  I work and she doesn't.  Soo with that I got what I liked.  <----- Just Joking about the later.  It's true she doesn't work.  Anyhow, we have a 11 year old Sealy pillowtop "plush".  My side has the hole.  Her's does not.  Backpain is common for me due to my career and sports.  I have shoulder pain, particularly my right shoulder is the problem.  So if I sleep on my right side after hours it will ache.  I tend to switch between back on right-side.  I'm 6'00 at 200lbs.  She's 5'06 at 135lbs "or there 'bouts".  Incidentally, I just tweaked my lower spine at the gym, "OUCH!!".  At my age I guess I need to slow down some, but my brain tells me I'm only 20.  Out the door price was $4290.oo.  WTH, in my wildest predictions I never thought I would spend that on anything except a toy for the garage.

Over the last three years I have gone in and out of the mattress stores.  Each salesperson has their favorite model to sell.  Ironically, they have all steered me away from Tempur-pedic.  Probably, for the reason someone on this forum who sells bedding stated the commision is low and there is NEVER a sale or discount.  No matter though.  I didn't like the "quicksand" feel of that brand and a friend of mine recently purchased one for his second bedroom.  He slept on it a few times and couldn't believe how "hot" it felt.  I laid on the Comfor-pedics too.  The foam reacted much quicker and rolling over etc. did not seem a problem too me and they apparently are manufactured differently than the Tempurs and sleep cooler.  I had my mind set on the FIJI or the one below it.  Then I was speaking with someone at work who told me to look at the Pranas, it's latex.  I also recalled a conversation with a salesperson who stated, he didn't care what I purchased as long as I seriously considered a latex mattress.  He stated I would be VERY satisfied with it.  The only issue being I may need to exchange for firmness, other than that, "I would love it."

Have you noticed whatever brand of mattress a salesperson is pushing, they happen to own.  Hmmm, puzzeling and ironic at the same time.

Well, the Prana will be delivered tomorrow, and I will keep a log as to comfort etc.  BTW, the manager and salesperson at the City Mattress store were VERY helpful and stated verbatim all the benefits of this style of bed.

I'll keep you updated, fingers crossed.


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BedSlug wrote:



OK.  Gotta say.  I have "adjusted" to the bed.  Workout routine is again routine.  Sleeping VERY WELL.  There is some motion transfer from the other side, but I haven't been awoken

by it yet as I always go to bed earlier than the Mrs.  I still toss/turn, but I think that's me.  I'm a very light sleeper, a problem I picked up after X years in the service.

We're pleased.  Repainted the room, changed the paintings and removed an old dresser.  It's a brand new room.  Goin' to bed.  GOOD NIGHT. Boa Noite.

So how is the Pranasleep now that you are 18 months in?

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