Plushbeds increased my back and shoulder pain
Dec 3, 2013 6:05 AM
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Everyone seems to be loving latex beds for pain relief, so as a side-sleeping, arthritic, fibromyalgia person I spent $2,000 on an 8" Plushbeds. My husband liked it right away but I had shoulder and back pain. Thought maybe I just wasn't used to it. Now I'm past the 100-day return, and I dread sleeping on this thing, it hurts so much. I'm spending more time sleeping in my recliner. Recently I went on a trip and slept in a standard spring bed and all pain is steadily decreasing. I dread going home to sleep on that Plushbed. It's like sleeping on a slab of wood to me. Am I the only one? The whole world seems to be in love with latex beds.
Re: Plushbeds increased my back and shoulder pain
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You can try some inexpensive foam toppers fro Walmart or Macy's... I think you can return most at the stores if ordered on line.  I oreded this one:



Waiting for itto arrive.  I will then try different combinations of my toppers/mattress pads.  I seem to not like sleeping directly on the latex.  Polyfoam, of a higher quality, may feel better as a comfort layer?  Latex has a bouncy feel.  I know your's feels too hard so you may have not felt a soft latex on the top.  You may also look at this item or something similar:


It has good reviews...  you can use a cheap egg crate foam , thin maybe 1 1/2 inches, directly under this type of pad.  Just some ideas.  I know it's hard to guess what will work for you to soften your mattress and still have some support.  I am fairly light so I don't need something thick, just depends...



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Re: Plushbeds increased my back and shoulder pain
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Just wanted to tell you what has worked for me and my too firm mattress.  I have a 1 1/2 inch foam, from Macy's and then a plush mattress cover from Amazon.  It is just enough cushioning to ease my shoulder and hip pressure , and my hips do not sink in too deeply, which causes alignment issues and pain.  I am a side sleeper and fairly light.  I also tried a 2" dunlop latex topper... it is very nice, but felt soft and squishy, supportive, but somehow still a little firm.  This setup that I have now has more of a slight pillowtop/plush feel.  I like latex for support but not so much directly under me.  


These are the products I am using for my comfort layers, (about $225 for both):


The bamboo mattress pad is really nice and soft... hope it stays that way.  The foam is fairly supportive for it's weight. It looks and feels flimsy until you're laying on it...  This combo gives us enough comfort while maintaining the feel of our supportive/firm mattress.

You might want to look at INVIGO toppers...  his is the brand of the dunlop 2" that I have.  Might use it on our guest bed.  They have different models 2 and 3" and are returnable.  There is one that is half polyfoam half latex that I probably should have tried instead of the Simply latex model.

Good Luck.


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Re: Plushbeds increased my back and shoulder pain
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Which firmness did you buy?  There are 4 different levels of firmness to choose from--soft, medium, medium firm, and extra firm  Try giving the company a call to see if you can switch the Talalay top layer for one of a different firmness.  

The plushbed botanical bliss natural latex mattress consists of a 6" bottom layer of dunlop latex, which is a firmer latex, while the top layer (or layers) is a softer talalay latex.  The top talalay layer is the one that comes in different firmnesses and is the one you would switch.


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