Please help, I need some advice.
Sep 14, 2011 3:03 PM
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I am looking for a new mattress and wondered if anyone has experience with the two I am seriously considering: the Englander Biltmore Bamboo and the PureFit or PureRelax memory foam mattresses from Relax the back. I have a back problem (two herniated lumbar discs) and have chronic back pain issues. Which would be a better fit for me?

Any recommendations (even for other mattresses) are welcomed. I am very confused about what to buy and don't want to make an expensive mistake. Thanks! :)

Re: Please help, I need some advice.
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Trish.  Do you work for brandsource?  Mattdud

Re: Please help, I need some advice.
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I suggest an adjustable bed mattress even a lot of doctors recommend this type of mattress for those who suffer in back problems. This can substantially reduce back pain, neck pain, shoulder tension, pelvic aches. It can boost blood circulation, lessen leg and feet swelling, reduce back pain and breathing issues for asthma patients. Adjustable bed mattress the best mattress for back problem.


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