Overwhelmed side sleeper in need of relief and latex mattress help!
May 11, 2012 5:19 PM
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I had been given this site along with SleepEZ, FloBeds and SleepLikeaBear as recommendations to purchase a new latex mattress.

I am a side sleeper that suffers from upper (shoulder neck) pain but more lower back pain from our current crappy old as heck spring mattress w/memory foam topper. 

My boyfriend says he is just fine on our mattress and is leaving it up to me (he's a snorer, side or back sleeper and about 200 lbs where i'm about 140), and if we are going to spend this much money i want to get him the appropriate ILD as well.


Flobeds says i should have M/M or M/F and him F/XF but i've also heard their ILD is off from SleepEZ and that i should go F/F for me and XF/XF for him? Does this sound about right? (or correct me b/c i'm getting more overwhelmed the more i read)


BUT since i'm a side sleeper i've started to read about this zoning and now am even more confused. is a 6" core good to start and then add toppers as needed? or should i really consider a topper to start as well?

Re: Overwhelmed side sleeper in need of relief and latex mattress help!
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To Scott.. I accidentally stumbled into a mattress store off the beaten path one day..and he had all the usual suspects in his store but he also had a large line of Restonic's.. Now I had seen these prior to purchasing my first big $$'s mattress latex a few years ago and loved it, but got stirred away from it from ofcourse the salesperson.. and bought the latex.. it was good for 1 1/2 years.. and bowed across the middle  giving me horrible back issues..  Anyway along the line of some of the S brands I got taken to the cleaners with them as well and this last one.. 3000 later.. I-comfort Serta.. my biggest mistake.. and the store had nothing for me to exchange to unless alot less and still nothing I laid on was any good..so I ate it and put it in the guest room.. my 3000 guest room!!!!  makes me very mad.. so I continued to look and did lots of research and finally gave up until this day I went into this last store.. he had a beautiful line of Restonic's.. loved many of them but my red flag went up when I read some of the reviews.. but again went back to the store to give it their 60 trial.. I bought the firm one with a nice tuffted top that isn't so dense that you are sinking in..also the Restonic's happen to have this middle that is very supportive with extra coils of whatever..It has helped my hips and back which were my main concern.. it was 1000 with tax.. and I just wanted at this point to be able to sleep and want to go and get in my bed at night..so knock on wood I like my bed and whatever it becomes over the next few years I will deal with.. but this site I now frequent for entertainment for what people are looking for and the surgeries they are doing to beds just to get comfortable.. I do believe after having all sorts of beds that back to the basics is the only way.. coil good ones with a decent coverning.. and NO pillow top..everyone is different so this is just my story..
Re: Overwhelmed side sleeper in need of relief and latex mattress help!
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I agree that a coil mattress might be the way to go.  We've been sleeping on a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Felicuty Plush for 12 years, and it has been a good mattress.  Now it's time to look for a new one, and I think I will look at the Restonic since it's less expensive than Simmons.  BTW, I am 140, 5' 3' ,have side thigh pain and am a side sleeper, so I need to keep this in mind when shopping. Hubby is 5'9". 165 lb.  Weight isn't really an issue for us.

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