Our New Cloud Supreme "Breeze" is Hurting!
Nov 30, 2012 2:16 PM
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We've had our Tempurpedic Cloud Breeze for about 3 weeks now and I'm having problems with it!  We bought the split king "Breeze" with the Ergo foundation because the wife was concerned about sleeping hot on the memory foam which has happened to her previously.  Wife is petite, 5' tall and about 125 lbs.  I'm 5'11" and 180 lbs.  The wife says she's OK with the mattress so far.  Unfortunately, I am waking up with very noticable lower back and hip pain.  It seems to be getting worse rather than better so I don't believe it's a break-in period and it really does'nt go away after I get up and start moving.  It's with me most of the day, although not as bad as when I first get up.  I'm thinking the Breeze is too soft for me?  I also feel some numbness / uncomfortableness in my upper arms intermittently during the night.  Kind of like my shoulders and upper torso are higher than my arms so I'm moving my arms around during the night.  We have a couple more months to make 1 exchange if we decide to do so.  I'm not sure what to do at this point as I'm very leary of getting another Tempurpedic?  I am strongly considering geting the Raphsody Model but am concerned about it being too firm and then being out of luck as we have no more exchanges left.  We have walked on the Breeze a few times as recommended and are sleeping on new cloud pillows that came with the mattress.  I know mattress comfort is very subjective but I would appreciate any advise or experience that anyone can provide.  I am also considering going to a traditional coil mattress but we will not get any difference in price refunded to us and the Breeze was pretty costly.  The Raphsody does offer the "Breeze" version so it is a natural contender.  Unfortunately, the Breeze models have no reviews to compare it to.  Thanks....
Re: Our New Cloud Supreme "Breeze" is Hurting!
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Reply to Kevin.. my first experience was with the I-Comfort Serta Prodigy.. poor choice lost a ton of money with it.. actually still own that one it is in my guest room.. all my guests love it.. then switched it out for the Tempupedic it was a firm one.. forgot the name, it will come to me.. but it was supposed to be the firm..however lucky to have a good sales person who got me out of that money mess.... but ended up trading that in as it was HOT  HOT HOT>.. the I-comfort never got hot at all.. but even with the firm Temp. I just kept sinking and every body part was killing..I will never go that route ever again.. I have a cheap-o coil Restonic now that cost me 1000 even.. and I don't hate it.. but it is  a 1000 times better on my body than any of the memory foams..  I was really uninformed back when I bought the I-Comfort it came after a one and a half year defective latex Sealy springfree that was the best bed I ever slept on.. however it bowed across the middle and I would have replaced it with the same thing but they got discontinued.  However.. the people in store failed to tell me it was now being made by Stearns & Foster.. same bed but they didn't carry it and wanted my money so the truth was never told to me.. Once I learned they were still alive in a different brand.. btw.. Sealy & Stearns are one in the same.. most of those big name brands all make each other.. it was too late.. I was dollars behind the 8 wheel and completely frustrated with the mattress industry and all their false advertising and poorly made beds for ridiculous amts. of money that I gave up and have decided to buy a cheaper bed and replace it when it needs to go..  They got me.. but never again... Good luck to you !!.. and don't get so caught up in the hype of what all these beds are made out of.. just be aware that if you go with coil make sure there is a good decent padding on top that won't congeal.. and never a pillow top.. and if you go with memory foam.. well I don't think that is a good fit for you.. and a nice latex is really a great option.. have fun finding it.. or it will blow your mind.. !!

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