Original Mattress Factory - Serenity Memory Foam
Feb 20, 2012 10:36 AM
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Has anyone tried one out or own one?

I stopped at the Minnesota location the other day and was surprised how comfortable it was and not overly expensive.

Reminded me kinda of a higher end Tempurpedic without that sinking feeling... not necessarily a bad thing.

HOWEVER, I'm worried more about longer term use and how the foam breaks down over time.



Re: Original Mattress Factory - Serenity Memory Foam
Reply #6 Apr 10, 2012 5:31 AM
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Have added a latex topper to my Serenity foam mattress from OMF.  It has only been a few days, but so far so good.

The latex topper is softer than the firm Serenity mattress.  Just enough to relieve the pressure points where I was feeling chronic pain in

Lower back, hips, legs.  MAJOR improvement that I noticed immediately.  If your mattress is a bit too firm, a good latex topper may help.

Many mattress stores have displays that allow you to try.  Do research as much as you can.  Latex a bit pricier, but if the quality is better and it last longer worth the investment.

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