Original Mattress Factory - Serenity Memory Foam
Feb 20, 2012 10:36 AM
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Has anyone tried one out or own one?

I stopped at the Minnesota location the other day and was surprised how comfortable it was and not overly expensive.

Reminded me kinda of a higher end Tempurpedic without that sinking feeling... not necessarily a bad thing.

HOWEVER, I'm worried more about longer term use and how the foam breaks down over time.



Re: Original Mattress Factory - Serenity Memory Foam
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Update to my post 2/28/12

I have slept on my Serenity foam mattress from OMF with adjustable bed for 30 days.

I have chronic lower back, hip & legg pain.  It is a major improvement from my older mattress. I do not wake with as much pain as I did, but still have pain.

This mattress is a bit firm. Will probably purchase mattress topper to soften.

My recommendation would be to buy from retailer that allows you 90 days to exchange or return in the event you are not satisfied with the comfort of the mattress you purchase.  I do not have this option or would probably exchange or return. Each store has different policies, where you live OMF may allow you to exchange or return, where I purchased did not have this choice. Did not give it a thought, have been very lucky past 25 years with buying mattresses that I was always happy with from the start.  Of course the older you get, and with more aches and pains it's a little different.  The S- Cape adjustable bed by Leggett & Platt  I love and highly recommend if in your budget.  The pricing was very good at OMF for this, they do have other mattresses to choose from.

if you like a little firmer mattress, you may be very happy with Serenity.  If you have chronic or severe back pain, again purchase where you can return or exchange to your comfort level if you are not completely satisfied.  A good mattress can be an investment.

This mattress is not " warm", nor does it have any type of odor.  The people that I dealt with at OMF were great!

I purchased a RejuveNite Low Profile Latex Pillow from OMF.  It is the BEST pillow I've ever had. Loved it so much have invested in a 2nd pillow.  If my Serenity foam mattress was as comfortable as the Latex pillows I bought, all would be perfect.

Good luck to all, hope this could be of some help.

Re: Original Mattress Factory - Serenity Memory Foam
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Have added a latex topper to my Serenity foam mattress from OMF.  It has only been a few days, but so far so good.

The latex topper is softer than the firm Serenity mattress.  Just enough to relieve the pressure points where I was feeling chronic pain in

Lower back, hips, legs.  MAJOR improvement that I noticed immediately.  If your mattress is a bit too firm, a good latex topper may help.

Many mattress stores have displays that allow you to try.  Do research as much as you can.  Latex a bit pricier, but if the quality is better and it last longer worth the investment.

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