Organic encasements for DIY latex mattress?
Jan 26, 2012 8:40 PM
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So far I have seen the ones on SLAB and sleepez, there is also a $650 one from Flobeds (a bit out of my price range).  Are there any others I'm missing?  I keep googling for an organic quilted encasement but not coming up with anything, I thought there would be more choices.  I prefer something with cotton / wool.


Re: Organic encasements for DIY latex mattress?
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megalops wrote:

Here's another link I found the last time the Strobel link popped up regarding wool and fire resistance:

Interesting article there; thanks for the link.

From another article (Polyurethane Foam Application and Design in Mattresses) by the same author (Steve Holder) on that same site:

"...The temptation for manufacturers is to use cheaper less durable foams to achieve price competitiveness. There is a large risk here, since consumers cannot be fooled by these compromises made by bedding manufacturers for very long. In other words when consumers realize that the new mattress they recently purchased fails to hold up and loses it comfort performance, it may well come back to haunt those manufacturers who compromised the quality of their products by substituting cheaper poorer performing components. There is much evidence of these compromises being made, by the greater use of lower quality lower density polyurethane foams being used in mattresses today. Polyurethane foams as low as .8 lb – 1 lb density foams are being used in many mattresses today. These foams are formed with very weak polymer bonds and are mostly made up of foams formed with weak hydrogen bonds which will lose more than half of their IFD rating very shortly. Also, these foams are subject to compression set or collapse, bringing about massive body impressions in new mattresses in a very short period of time. It is very important for all legitimate bedding manufacturers to understand the destructive effects to the bedding products they are putting their reputation on. A better understanding of this very important component will not only enable manufacturers to build superior products, but also build better more durable products for their customers."

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