Newbie question about mattress shopping
Oct 15, 2010 11:52 PM
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Hi all - I went to a mattress store last weekend and signed up to buy a bed, and as soon as I walked out I knew I'd been taken.  I found this site and started reading the tips on mattress shopping and I called and canceled the order and I'm starting from scratch this weekend.  My question is, if I show up with a pad and ask all these questions about ticking etc., isn't it going to be sort of obvious that I've been reading this site?  Won't they just have countermaneuvers?  At the very least I'm going to try to get a competitive bid for the mattress I was about to buy from the same chain's store in the next town over ...
Re: Newbie question about mattress shopping
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Well... the "major stores" are where I'm going to be doing my shopping, other than the store in the outlet more.  Then of course there are smaller boutiquey stores and Duxiana that are more expensive....
Re: Newbie question about mattress shopping
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"Phoenix, seems as if you have a low opinion of the "S" brands and I did at one time myself."

In general terms absolutely ... and I think that low opinion is shared by most in this forum ... including those who have sold these brands over many years.

Having said that ... you will see from my previous posts that I believe that the latex models in these brands (they all have some) are among their better values. Much of this forum is about "duplicating" some of these at a much lower price without the polyfoams that they often include (including the garden vine and the rest of the springfree series to a greater or lesser degree). The springfree series has been discontinued and replaced with the embody series although they remain available in some places so it may be quite possible to get them at unusually low prices.

You also got a very good price (as you know) on this mattress and while this kind of price is often available at clearout sales or floor or slightly damaged sales at places like US mattress or others, they are not the norm. I also personally would have paid a few hundred more (with no tax and shipping) to get what I would consider to be a much better latex mattress than the garden vine (See the many many links posted in many threads over the past few weeks).

But the bottom line is you bought a very nice mattress at a really good price that fit you very well .... and that is the goal of everyone here.


PS: This is just to give an example of what I mean (this was posted before and is just an example). This bed has much superior dunlop latex in it, no polyfoam, a quiltable latex cover, and is overall a much superior bed in my opinion (in terms of quality, not necessarily superior for your personal needs).

You would also need a platform or base to put it on but not a boxspring so that would add little to the cost ... and there would be no tax or shipping.

many more examples listed in many places.

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Re: Newbie question about mattress shopping
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pete3632 wrote:

Phoenix, seems as if you have a low opinion of the "S" brands and I did at one time myself. However 3 months ago I purchased a Sealy Springfree Garden Vine Latex king for $800 including boxspring and frame.. That has been the best $800 I've spent. It has a 8.9 inch synthetic latex core under 3 inches of Sealy Super Foam. This mattres has alleviated all of my back and hip pain from a 10 year old mattress. I am a very heavy guy and don't think I could have made a better choice for $800.

Please come back here and report on how you like your Sealy after 1 year.

Even if you get 1 year without back pain, though, that would be pretty good, actually. I'll just be curious as to how long it takes for this Sealy to break down with polyurethane foam and synthetic latex.

Re: Newbie question about mattress shopping
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I am curious about how the PU will hold up myself. If it does present problems, I can always flip it so that the bottom latex core will be on top. If that is too firm then I will get a wool or latex topper.
Re: Newbie question about mattress shopping
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Jimsocal, thought I would update you:

It has now been 6 months and my Sealy latex sleeps as well now as when I first purchased it. Mind you, I am a 6'1" 365 lb guy. I have rotated the mattress every month and have not had any the back or hip pain I had before. I just love this matress. When and if it begans to give me problems, I will try flip it so that the 9 in latex core is on top and add a 3 inch latex topper if it is too firm.

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