A Newbie needs some guidance
Jan 8, 2011 4:52 PM
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I would first like to say this looks like an excellent site. I bet if I had the patience to search through all the wonderful information I would find some very helpful hints. But I am sleep deprived and do not have the tolerance to read through all of the different threads. And I apologize for the length....


I currently have a Sleep Number bed, purchased in 2005. It never truly felt comfortable and I should have returned it, but I didn't. In 2007, I fell at work. landing on my side. What was thought to be a deep hip bruise, has turned in to a nightmare. It turned out to be a severe SI (sacroiliac) injury and a worsening of stress fractures at L5-S1 level. I had surgery over a year ago to stabilize the stress fractures. But the Si injury has left me with lots of issues, lots of muscle spasms and compression due to things being out of alignment. 

I am 5'4", and weigh about 108 pounds. Unfortunately my vertebrae and pelvic bones protrude and don't have much covering other than skin. Gaining weight would help, but stress and pain are interfering with that.  I am primarily a back sleeper as my pelvis does not tolerate sidelying that well. If I adjust the air mattress to relieve pressure off the bones of my back and pelvis, than I feel I get that hammock effect. If I make the bed too firm to support my back, then I end up with too much pressure pushing up on my right SI joint. 


So, I have decided to make some changes. I have thought about an all natural Latex bed. So I thought I would ask the experts here if there are any companies in the LA area I should deal with or the best online sites where I can get excellent quality and decent prices. I do know I need a soft level top. I did go out to a local store to try some out. Their brands were Englander and Aireloom. They served a purpose to give me an idea of what latex might feel like. Seems like Talalay might be better for me than Dunlop. 

My only experience with memory foam is a 2 week stay using my Dad's Tempur-Pedic. Felt like I was in a brick.

Or, could I consider putting my Sleep Number bed at the firmest level, and consider a latex topper of some sort?


Just thought I would ask for some advice. My past few nights have only been 4 hours. Once I wake up, I am up. I know a new bed is not going to cure the problem, but I am hoping for some improvement.

I am looking forward to opinions and I thank you in advance.





Re: A Newbie needs some guidance
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Here are (quite) a few manufacurers and outlets in the "general" LA area. Some of these have very good value ... at least the equivalent of what you could purchase online ... and some of these would make great testing grounds so you would better know what to buy online. Some of the manufacturers on this list may be too far away to visit in person or only manufacture for retail outlets and some may not make all latex mattresses (website is not specific) but I've included them as they may be worth a call to see if what they make is available close to you.

Los Angeles probably has more choice in latex than any other city so I hope this is not "overkill". It's not even a complete list but I've added a few comments to each.

There are so many here that at this point I would probably just pick a few that have a range of latex choices and are near enough to you and then go and do some "lay on matress" testing without buying anything. Once you know what is suitable for you then I would do a little research to see where your best value is either among these or from an online site.

Once you've tested out some latex and are clearer about what works for you, then some of these local manufacturers or an online site such as a few I've listed in reply #9 here would likely give you your best value.


http://paramountmatt.com/contacts.htm Local manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses including latex

http://www.vivetique.com/DealerLocator.html Regional manufacturer. Make a range of mattresses using Dunlop latex. Will need to email for retail outlets near you

http://www.earthsake.com/stores.html Retailer. Carries a range of latex mattresses including "choose your own layers" mostly Dunlop

http://www.royal-pedic.com/dealerlocator.asp Manufacturer. Makes high quality and high priced latex mattresses

http://www.ergosleepsystems.net/storeinfo.php Retailer. Carry a range of latex mattresses of all types including Natura, OMI, Magniflex, Essentia, and Pure Latex Bliss (makes the topper mentioned earlier). Would be a very good testing ground.

http://www.sleepworks.com/models.htm Retailer. Carries a range of Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses including latex and "microcoil" pillowtops.

http://www.leadermattress.com/contact/index.html Local manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses that may include latex models.

http://www.roomandboard.com/rnb/more_ways_to_shop/stores/store_locations.ftl Retailer. Carries a range of latex mattresses including latered "choose your own" made by Restwell.

http://www.healthyback.com/storelocs/storelocs.php Retailer. Carries Sealy embody (latex over poly. May be good for "testing") and Pure Latex Bliss

http://mandrmattress.net/contact.htm Manufacturer. Makes a range of latex mattresses which may include latex. Supply retailers so would need to call for an outlet near you.

http://www.mbcmattress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=70 Manufacturer. Also wholesale only and may make a latex mattress. Would need to call for an outlet near you

http://www.newportbedding.com/contactus.html Local manufacturer. Make a range of mattresses including latex and retail other brands as well. Includes 2 sided latex versions.

http://www.royal-mattress.com/contact.htm Regional manufacturer. Also wholesale only and may make latex mattresses

http://www.neworganicmattress.com/organic-farm/mattresses/index.html Retailer. A primary outlet for Vivetique.

http://www.backandbodysolutions.com/contactus.html Retailer. Also carry Vivetique

http://www.cannonsleep.com/contact.htm Regional manufacturer. Makes Cannon sleep products and Spring Air. Call for retail outlets near you.

http://www.omimattress.com/xtremelocator/xlResults.php Regional manufacturer. Makes a range of high quality (and high priced) latex mattresses. Great for "testing".

http://www.ergobeds.com/contact_ergo.html Retailer. Carries a very wide range of latex mattresses from many quality manufacturers.

http://www.foamsweetfoam.com/directions Manufacturer. Good value online outlet for Talalay "choose your own" mattresses but has a showroom near LA so you could test them out.

http://www.latex-mattress-co.com/contact_us Local manufacturer. Makes high value latex mattresses.

http://www.mattressworks.com/ Manufacturer/Retailer. Makes and carries a raange of latex mattresses

http://www.vanguardmattress.com/where-to-buy/ Regional manufacturer. Makes a range of latex mattresses with a list of retail outlets on website.

http://www.mattressbrothersca.com/contactus.html Retailer. Carries several "smaller" brands which include latex mattresses

http://www.santabarbaramattress.com/locationspage.shtml Manufacturer?/Retailer. Website implies they manufacture their own but has few details. Carries Natura latex mattresses.

http://www.viesso.com/contact-us Retailer. Carry Vanguard and OMI latex mattresses.

http://www.customcomfortmattress.com/showroom/ Local manufacturer. Make a wide range of mattresses including latex

http://www.savvyrest.com/dealers?distance[postal_code]=90065&distance[country]=us&distance[search_distance]=50000&distance[search_units]=milev Manufacturer. Makes a "choose your own" latex layered mattress. Rather expensive but good for testing. Retail outlet finder on website.

http://www.comfortpedicmattress.com/locations/index.php Manufacturer. Makes a wide range of mattresses including latex.

http://www.flexuscomfort.com/stores.php Local manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses including latex

http://www.goldenmattressinc.com/ContactUs.aspx Regional manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses some of which may include latex. Call for retail outlets

http://www.kingdommattress.net/1997638.html Regional manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses some of which may include latex.



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Re: A Newbie needs some guidance
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Thank you for all the information. It looks as if the biggest challenge for me will be to find the correct configuration to provide the necessary support, but with pressure relief for the bony points. You have given me many valuable links and suggestions. 

This forum is great!



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