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Feb 5, 2010 8:46 PM
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Hi everyone! I found this forum while searching sites with reviews of innerspring mattresses. I never knew latex was used as bedding, and I'm intrigued!

My mattress started to develop a sinkhole a few years ago. I was about to order a new bed, when a friend told me she was infested with bed bugs (shudder!). She suspected they had been brought into her home on her new mattress. Apparently this is not uncommon, due to the practice of mixing new and old bedding in the same delivery trucks. Needless to say, my new bed purchase was indefinitely suspended.


I patched up my bed as creatively as possible to give me time to figure out how what to do. I filled the sagging mid-section with a folded towel, and layered 2 thick memory foam mattress toppers over it. The bed is actually quite comfortable, but I do need a new bed.


After reading your posts, I decided latex might be the way to go. I started by ordering a Nature's Rest Zoned Firm Latex Pillow to see what latex was like. On first try, I felt the pillow was a little too high and too firm, and I didn't think I liked it but used it again. I realized after two nights of using the pillow, my chronic neck pain had disappeared! I just ordered another Latex Pillow in plush to see if that's more to my liking.


I'm trying to imagine what it must feel like to sleep on a mattress of latex, but if it's anything like the Firm Pillow it seems like it would be so very squishy. I tend to like a firm mattress. But I'm thinking the Firm Pillow isn't really as firm as the latex you'd use to build a mattress, is that correct? Does anyone know what ILD the foam is that Nature's Rest uses? I can't find that info on any website.


I would love to try out a latex bed before ordering anything. I don't want to try a brand-name bed with latex, I want to try a bed composed of layers of latex. Are there any stores where you can try latex beds (I'm in NYC)?


Do you think I should start by purchasing a latex mattress topper? I see SleepEZ will let you upgrade to a mattress if you purchase a topper.


And lastly, my budget is limited. Can I use my current box spring with a latex mattress?

Thanks for your help!

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go for latex its the best sleep you will get, no disturbance, allergy free, dust free , mould ,mildew ,virus' and bacteria cant' harbor or grow in the microclimate, dust mites hate it too. But bewsre synthetic latex like talalay has nasty chemicals in it, dunlop process does not. i wont sleep on anything else.
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A latex topper will not help a mattress that is lacking support. Sorry.
Look into getting a new mattress or if your springs are still good, do mattress surgery. That's a cheaper and better way to go than buying a new mattress, imho.
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jimsocal thanks, but I'm not looking to fix my old bed, I know I need to replace it and am trying to see if latex might be my solution.

Since I've never tried a latex bed, I was wondering if I should purchase a topper to try it out as a start just to get the "feel."

Also can I use a traditional box spring with a latex mattress?

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