Need opinions about a mattress
Nov 30, 2019 12:28 AM
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I came here for finding a thread that my girlfriend had seen here before about getting a new mattress. And some people had shared some information from their experiences. Unfortunately, that thread is not available now. My girlfriend and I have moved to a new apartment in Mississauga last month. She told me about buying a new mattress.

I want some information and suggestions regarding this. Which type of mattress is comfortable? She is going to place an order for a Simmons Beautyrest mattress from a company. Before that, we thought it would be better to opinions about it. Is it a good choice? Had anyone bought this mattress? How was it? Please share your opinions and suggestions.

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Re: Need opinions about a mattress
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Unfortunately, I can’t find the thread you're talking about.

If talking about your question. I can give recommendations. so I recently bought it for our bedroom.;
I did my own “research”. And when I studied Simmons Beautyrest mattress, I found some advantages:
Better than average motion isolation
Better than average satisfaction for some models
Comfort and less pain for first 3 years
Better than average warranty

I also added Zinus and LUCID mattresses in my list of comparisons.;
Zinus. What’s special about this mattress is that this is a new kind of memory foam called BioFoam which uses natural plant-based oils to replace some of the petroleum, which helps keep your mattress fresh and is a bit more environmentally friendly. This mattress has a medium firmness and comes in a range of sizes.
LUCID has gel-infused top layer is ventilated regulate temperature while conforming to your body for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep. There’s also a moisture-wicking Tencel blend fabric cover that creates a comfortable air layer as the sleeping surface. This mattress has a medium-firm feel which is a little harder than most memory foam mattresses.
Of the three mattresses I described, I chose Zinus.
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